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Finn and the swirly spin slot House Review:


When it comes to Finn and the Swirly Spin by NetEnt, this video slot isn’t like many others out there. For starters, there aren’t any paylines to play across. Instead, this is a cluster pays slot that already makes things unique. The goal of this slot is for the player to unlock free spins by trying to get a key to move further and further along a swirl by unlocking the progress. This is a pretty innovative concept that’s far from your usual five reel and 20 line video slot. Along with this interesting concept, the game comes with a fun Irish theme, impressive graphics, rewarding bonus features, and thrilling audio. Whether this game is your cup of tea or not, no one can deny this Finn and the Swirly Spin is one big personality fit into one video slot.




As mentioned, this video slot isn’t like your run-of-the-mill video slot with five reels and 20 paylines. Instead, this slot offers a unique way of playing that still manages to be pretty easy to grasp. It is recommended that you first watch a clip of this game in action and read its paytable before placing any bets. From there, although different, this game is easy to catch onto and the potential rewards, not to mention the thrill, certainly make it worth it.

Since 1996, NetEnt has been knocking it out of the park with their gaming releases. This is another success to add to their portfolio and it’s filled with unique features and designs. This might not be your classic video slot, but there are players that enjoy that about this game. The only real way to tell if you’re one of them is by going through this review of the game and checking it out for yourself.

Before you head off to do that, however, it’s crucial to know that the goal is to get the golden key to the middle of the swirl. You do this by placing your bet and watching the game do its thing. The chances that you’ll hit a bonus feature are pretty favorable. As the key is moved along the swirl, random features are triggered that make that game all the more thrilling. These random features assist with clearing away some of the symbols from your path.


Additional Game Features


The gameplay of this slot may be pretty unique, but the controls are pretty standard like bet, max bet, sound, autoplay, and so on. Some of the special features that players can look forward to in this game are:


Magic Transform


This magic feature features the appearance of a pot of gold. This post of gold transforms the spade and heart icons into premium symbols.


Dragon Destroy


The Dragon destroy bonus activated an avalanche. This is shown by a mighty dragon breath fire over the spiral. What this does is evaporates a few of the symbols at random.


Starfall Wilds


To assist the player with getting the key to reach the lock square are the two to five wild symbols that appear during this bonus. The wilds are released and land randomly on the spiral.


Irish Luck


The endgame of this bonus is to move the key further along the swirl. How this happens is, Fin casts a magical spell on the spiral which turns an entire horizontal and vertical row into the same symbol.


Free Spins


If you are lucky and are able to get the key to the lock, you will unlock a new world called the free spins world. How this bonus game works is, it is dependent on the number of keys you have at this point in the game. For instance, there are four levels, the most rewarding of which you will be able to reach if you have enough keys. Each of these four levels has their own feature:


  • Sixteen keys – Golden Pot

Spade and heart symbols are all changed into premium symbols in this bonus.

  • Nine keys – Lucky Mug

Set in an Irish pub, this feature involves four free spins that make the rows changed into the same symbol for better winnings.

  • Four keys – Lava Lair

Another avalanche is activated by three flaming spins which result in sticky wilds.

  • One key – Starbar

This triggers seven free spins and some random wilds.


Game Design


It’s only fitting that you’re prepared for the interesting design like you were with the interesting gameplay. The design of this game is guaranteed to not be anything like you have imagined. This game might have an Irish theme which is a theme often seen in the slot industry, but this game is truly unique. From the appearance of the gameplay to the stunning visual effects and suitable audio. There is nothing about this game that is ordinary. Instead of a grid, you’ll see a swirl and there are no paylines. This is the gist of it and the rest is just a well-thought-out theme and color pallet.




NetEnt has managed to do it again; this slot is a unique blend of fun and interesting. This slot is not like any other and some players have really taken to it because of this. This swirly slot is worth a try but remember to read the rules and see it in action first.

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