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Football: champions cup slot House Review:

Football: Champions Cup is a 5 reel, 20 payline video slot brought to you by NetEnt. The game is a haven for those football fanatics that feel the thrill of a match long after the last whistle is blown. It has a number of features such as a pick and click bonus game, overlay wilds and a multiplier.

The theme used in this game ties into every option and choice that you make. For those who love watching championships, and understand football’s rules well, this game will certainly delight with its little details and how the theme from one beloved game can be applied to another.

The background image, the music and the symbols make you feel as if you are sitting in the stands, with a fresh bag of popcorn and a cold one beside you, cheering for your favourite team. The only difference here is that you are your favourite team and any wins or losses are your own.



Football: Champions Cup loads fairly quickly ranging from 2-4 minutes, which is a definite advantage. Once the game is loaded, the fun really begins. You have to pick a country, similar to the FIFA: World Cup, the game does not give you clubs but an entire nation to represent. There is a list of football’s finest nations e.g. England, Brazil, Italy etc. Once you have decided which country you would like to play as, it’s officially time to begin.

You now need to set your bet. There is a “coin value” option on the right side of the game, framed by two arrows, clicking on the arrows increases or decreases your coin denomination within the range of 0.01 and 0.50. Next you navigate to the “level” option on the left of the screen. This tab allows you to choose how many coins you bet on each line and the options range from 1- 10. Once these two things are selected, you now just need to spin the reels using the large button in the centre with arrows on it. If you are feeling very lucky then you can simply click “max bet” which automatically sets the highest bet available and spin!


Additional Game Features

Football: Champions cup has an autoplay feature which allows you to select your coin value and level and then choose how many automatic spins you would like to have. The auto setting option is at the bottom of the game and can be accessed by clicking on the word “auto”. This game also boasts wilds, free spins and a bonus game.

If three scatter symbols, represented by a trophy, appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 in the main game then you activate free spins. There are three wild symbols used in the game of different colours. The gold wild can substitute for any symbol except for a scatter or bold symbol during main game play. The red and blue wild symbols only appear in the free spins feature and score goals for the player or opponent’s team based on which reels they land on. Blue wilds appear on reels 1 and 2 and red wilds appear on reels 3 and 4.

If you get three or more bonus symbols anywhere on the reels during main game play you activate the bonus click and pick game that is designed as a two-part penalty shoot-out. The first half of this game is where you choose to kick and the second half is where you choose to defend.


Game Design 

The game design is very realistic and immersive, giving the player the impression that they are sitting at the stadium, in the stands and watching an epic game of football. The background sound effects do a lot in the way of setting the mood as it sounds like a crowd of people talking, getting excited and having a great time. It is well worth noting that there is no commentary but in this case, it benefits game play as it creates a tense and exciting atmosphere.

The graphics used are not the most detailed or realistic but when it comes to watching a football match; the little details usually do escape the audience’s notice as the focus is purely on the game.

The layout of the game is neat, crisp, clear and very simple. It makes game play easy and hassle-free which is what most gamers are looking for. The information that is needed to understand the game and the features is readily available on the main game page and can be accessed by clicking on the “i” symbol on the right hand side of the game. This information will make it easier for beginners and advanced players alike to understand how the game works, make the best of the given odds and walk away as champions!



Football: Champions cup is a very simple game with features that create a lot of interest and excitement such as the bonus click and pick game, the scatter symbols and wilds that are activated as a result of free spins. The graphics used in the game are apt and would make die-hard football fans feel right at home. If you are not a huge football fan the game will still be worth a play as it is very immersive with features that are exciting and fun to experience. The autoplay and max bet options available to players can be quite a thrill if you are feeling a bit adventurous!

All in all, this is a crisp and clear designed game with good use of graphics, background sound effects, effective use of theme-specific symbols, exciting and advantageous gaming features coupled with a simple layout for those who are simply there for the love of the game.

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