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Foxin’ Wins House Review


Foxin’ Wins’ theme is a straightforward, pull the slot, win-or-not gambling game, sprinkled with randomly triggered events that serve to hook the players into pulling the slot once more for that sinfully sweet dream of gaining huge deals. However, rather simple Foxin’ Wins has garnered a steady stream of players that genuinely enjoy playing the game throughout the years.


From a design standpoint, the game opts instead for an in your face aesthetic. The titular character Mr. Fox is nothing short of a showoff, sauntering inside his country mansion filled with luxurious decor and posh furniture with the slot resting in the center of the mansion’s living room its color, popping out in contrast to the stylized, blurred background. With the slot’s symbols being a red drophead car, rolls of money, a golden fountain, and the estate itself further cementing the luxurious life of the game’s titular character.


The developers let the players know early on who really excels in this game just by reading the title. The games’ bonus features will make you want to play more and everyone knows that, in gambling, the house always wins.




Utilizing NextGen Gaming’s signature 5-reel, and 25-pay line setup Foxin’ Wins is polished and straightforward with the little shortcomings, the game doesn’t bombard players with the pressure of spending more, allowing players to think of their betting strategies freely.


The game has up and down arrows meant to adjust the player’s betting options and the option to turn super bet on or off as well, the coin values in the game range from 0.01 and 2.00, being able to place a maximum bet of 50.00 per spin. The game is what many consider a loose slot, paying out more often and paying out a lot. Additionally, the game’s bonus features aren’t activated easily, with most of them being randomly triggered, but the loose payouts players can earn more than makes up for it.


Moreover, players can also opt to play idly by enabling the Auto-play feature the game has, leaving the player in control of his time. All in all, Foxin’ Wins is a finely made 3D slot game made fun with NextGen Gaming’s signature flair of unique features.


Tips on Betting


With most of the game’s unique features being random, players devised betting strategies centered around the Super Bet and the Scatter feature. Opting to spend extra coins to activate super bet on the ten free spins and the double reward Scatter offers, the chances of gaining and the amount of prizes you can get are shot through the roof.


But if luck isn’t smiling upon you and you just can’t get those 10 free Scatter spins, Foxin’ Wins does not force their players to drop a considerable amount of money with its minimum bet. Players can take it slow and rack up their gains, Super Bet or no Super Bet.


Additional Features


Like many of NextGen Gaming’s video slot games, Foxin’ Wins features a handful of bonus features that takes the rewards you can earn to the next level if you’re lucky enough to trigger them:


  1. Wild – The Wild symbol in Foxin’ Wins takes the form of the fox pups popping their heads onto the reel, changing one of the four regular symbols into a Wild. Wilds increase the odds of winning, with one of the games’ biggest prizes being a five Wild win that rewards the player up to 2000 times their total bet in the payout.
  2. Scatter – Scatter rewards the player ten free spins with double the prizes upon getting three of the special pot of gold symbols.
  3. Super Bet – Super Bet is a readily available option for players prior to spinning the slot. It lets the player pay an extra 25, 35, or 50 coins with each spin to add extra Wilds to Reel 3, Reels 2, 3, and 4, or even Reels 1 to 5. This depends, however, on the amount of extra coins the player pays opening up a coveted Five Wild Win.
  4. Leprechaun Shake Down – Triggered at random Leprechaun Shake Down redirects the player into a second-screen, where the player attempts to catch a cheeky leprechaun. If the player manages to catch up to him, the player can shake the Leprechaun for extra coins.
  5. Foxy Funds – Another event that can be triggered at a random chance after the payout, Foxy Funds, simply adds more winnings to the player’s payout if the player is lucky enough to trigger the event.


Game Design


Foxin’ Wins is NextGen Gaming’s more popular slot lines, thanks to its charming mascot Mr. Fox, an excellent overall aesthetic choice, and a soundtrack that wraps everything up nicely. Couple that with the game’s random bonus features that keep the game fresh and exciting every time, players would be ecstatic to play these games for hours on end. It’s no wonder why so many players share the same positive sentiment for Foxin’ Wins and all its other incarnations.




Foxin’ Wins is an ideal online video slot game for beginners and veteran players alike. With its core features being fun yet straightforward, many gamblers can pick it up with ease. With the developers optimizing and putting player experience first and foremost, players are guaranteed to have a fun and enjoyable experience trying their luck at Foxin’ Wins.


Some of the slight downsides of the slot title are that the player is required to use the Super Bet feature and double down on it via the Super Bet Level 2 to get access to Wilds on all five slot reels and the randomness of the bonus features connected to the game.


Nevertheless, with a competitive RTP of 95.6% just shy away from the industry’s average of 96%. Foxin’ Wins makes up for the barely noticeable margin with its very low starting bet making sure that the players are guaranteed some payout as long as they know what they’re doing.


Finally, as the UK Gambling Commission regulates the developers behind Foxin’ Wins, players can rest assured that the video slot game is run fair and square.

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