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From dusk till dawn slot House Review


From Dusk Till Dawn from Novomatic is a video slot with 50 paylines in 5 x 4 fixed reels. As can be deduced by the title, it is based on the eponymous 1996 horror movie written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by Robert Rodriguez, and did a much better job visually than the video slot game Jumanji.

Based as it was on a cult movie, players would expect to see familiar faces and settings in the game, and they would. However, is that enough for it to be worthy of consideration? Find out what the game has to offer.


The game shows a desert scene, just like in the movie, and the reels displaying recognizable characters such as the sinuous Santanico Pandemonium played by Selma Hayek, teenager Kate Fuller  played by Juliette Lewis, crazy Richie Gecko played by Quentin Tarantino, brother Seth Gecko played by George Clooney, and father figure Jacob Fuller played by Harvey Keitel. The game is true to the source, although it precluded much of the familiar vampire tropes, unlike Blood Suckers.

Other figures that might appear are the usual playing card symbols 10, J, Q, K, and A as well as cars and Mexico road signs. “Wild” symbols come out frequently as well, filling in the gaps to make winning combinations, and occasionally, Bonus Twister scatter, which is the logo of the Titty Twister Bar where all the action went down.

The highest card in the reels is that of Seth Gecko (Clooney). It comes out 3 frames high, and 5 of him along a payline multiply the wager by 5. However, that is not the most exciting feature of the game. That would be the two progressive jackpots named Dawn and Dusk displayed prominently on top of the reel. The Dawn jackpot is the bigger of the two.

While playing the base game, three bonus symbols may be activated at random, namely the Dancing Bonus, Bonus Twister Wheel, and Mugshot Bonus. The appearance of these symbols can significantly increase the payout for each spin with its multipliers, wilds, free spins, and symbol collection. Multipliers can be as much as 25 times the line wager, while wilds in free spins can pay out as much as 5000 times a line wager.




The thing that makes playing a progressive jackpot game is that it increases the risk factor. There is no good way to play it to increase the chances of a big payout. A player can choose to go all in or adopt a more cautious approach. With a maximum wager of £10, the latter option might be the only one.



Bonus Games


The From Dawn Till Dusk game has three entertaining bonus games that come out a random during the base game, upping the anticipation factor.  These are:

  • On The Road – symbols change into wilds in the wake of a speeding car that cuts across the reels
  • Everybody Be Cool – any frames with the symbols for Richie, Jacob, and Kate turn into the Seth symbol.
  • Cash Explosion – when the player wins an amount equal or more than the average total wager in a spin, an explosion rips through the fame and multiplies the win from 5 to 25

Bonus Twister bonuses


As for the bonus symbols, they can activate interesting rewards for the player, and it all begins with matching Bonus Twister scatters. Three scatters activate the Bonus Twister Wheel, which offers instant cash to the player or activate more bonus features. Each time the player hits on a cash prize, the wheel automatically bumps up the cash value on the board for successive spins.

If the player hits a Pick a Bonus slot, the feature ends and opens up two options:

  • The Dancing Bonus

This option gives the player 10 free spins on a reel with new symbols on the board (diamonds, clubs, hearts, snakes, dominoes, dice, dominoes, tequila bottles, and movie character Razor Charlie played by Danny Trejo).

It also has a Santanico Pandemonium  (Hayek) wild that moves around and takes the place of adjacent symbols and covers between 2 and 12 symbols on the middle reel. It also has an Xtra Shock bonus mode that activates when flames burst out on the 1st and 5th reel, resulting in stacked symbols. In combination with 3 wild middle reels, the Xtra Shock bonus results in a huge payout.

  • Mugshot Bonus

This option gives the player 3 free spins on a reel that only has Level Up, Change, Seth, and Richie symbols. The Change symbol switches out Richie symbols with Seth symbols for a higher value. Every time Richie or Seth appears, the player wins, the free spins reset to three, and the symbols remain on the reel. When a Change and Level Up symbols lands on the reel, the sticky Seth and Richie symbol yields 4x the value. With a little luck, this option can multiply the wager by 5000.




The From Dusk Till Dawn game boasts the Dusk Jackpot, which multiplies the wager by 100 and the Dawn Jackpot, which multiplies the wager by 21,000. A player can hit the jackpot at random, so if on a lucky streak, it pays to click the max bet button early to get those jackpots rise quickly in value.




From Dusk Till Dawn is definitely top of the trees when it comes to entertainment. It even features clips from the movie when activating features and bonuses. The Wild Wild West is nothing to it! Payouts are not spectacular, but that is almost incidental. Not entirely, of course, as the prospect of the jackpots is definitely alluring.

Overall, From Dusk Till Dawn is a surprisingly adept adaptation of a cult movie that maximizes the entertainment and fun of the video slot game for even serious players. Everybody be cool

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