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Fruit spin slot house review


If your preference in video slots lies in classic and casual fun, this might be the NetEnt Slot to try. Fruit Spin has been designed around fruit, nothing fancy, just the classic theme that once upon a time started it all. This game puts a modern spin on the classic fruit machine that once decorated saloons in the old days. With an RTP of 96.84%, there is nothing that exclusively counts this game out, in fact, this game might not have flashy graphics or a gimmicky theme, but it is one of NetEnt’s top fifty games and that’s saying something judging from that impressive portfolio. Keep reading to find out more about this casual game and the kinds of winnings you can expect.




Fruit Spin displays a game grid of four rows, five reels, and 40 paylines that you can bet across if you hit “Max Bet”. This is a pretty simple set up so there isn’t much to say in terms of gameplay. All you need to do when you load the game (which does not take but a moment of your time which is a pleasant surprise) is adjust your bet and spin the reels. You could also select the autoplay version and let the game do the work for you.

As the British like to call them, Fruit Machines are the ancestors of the video slots that we see today, and this game seems like an ode to this. Thankfully though, you do not have to crank a lever with all your might and earn a free drink from the barkeep if you win.

As mentioned, the gameplay of this slot is pretty simple which makes it a great game for new players and casual players alike. The minimum bet of this game makes it an inclusive slot at only 0.20 while the top met of 200 reveals that there is some potential there when it comes to future rewards.

The fruit symbols have been given an upgrade from the classic cherries that you may remember. The symbols in Fruit Spin have been designed as glittering sapphires, emeralds, and rubies.


Additional Game Features


Now, for the juice. The bonus games and features that you will find within this slot’s gameplay includes a bonus game, free spins, wilds, scatters, and stacked scatters. The theme of this game might be classic, but the additional features are certainly modernized. The biggest and most rewarding feature of the game is the Lucky Wheels bonus game. This round entails three reels spinning independently to score some big payouts.

This slot also has tons of free spins and it even has a bonus round dedicated to giving them out. This round starts the player off with five and adds onto them with scatters and places extra wilds on the reels. These free spins can then be reactivated within the bonus round which can score even bigger wins. Also, the giant wilds don’t hurt your chances either. The highest win that you can score will come from a multiplier of up to 600 times your wager.

Another cool feature of this game is how each bonus round can be triggered within each other. For instance, during the free spins round, you can activate Lucky Wheels and in Lucky Wheels you can trigger the free spins bonus game. The duality is pretty attractive when playing the game as you can begin with one bonus round and end off with another.


Game Design


Something that is worth noting regarding the design of this game, it seems fairly obvious that it was created with the smaller mobile and tablet screens in mind making it the perfect video slot to play on any device you’d like. The simple yet classic design isn’t anything flashy, but this actually works in the game’s favor.

When it comes to the other design aspects of the game like the audio, it is also just as well-suited as an up-to-date ambient/chilled-out style of sound to go with the relaxed gameplay. Overall, this game was designed as a user-friendly video slot that still features modern special features and glistening graphics. The one flaw in the game is the size of the “Help” button but other than that there aren’t any glaring issues.




If you’re into casual gameplay then this slot is worth a try. Fruit shop is filled with more bonuses than you’d think upon first glance, and the graphics are nothing to sneeze at either. If you prefer more complex play or blockbuster animations, then this might not be the slot for you but it’s certainly worth a try with the logo NetEnt attached. This game is so easy to handle that a brand-new slot player will be able to find their way around. As an ode to the classic fruit machines that started it all, this game is a great reflection of the modernized classic slot machine. For a more relaxed bout of gaming, this game with its chilled-out soundtrack and vibes is a good way to go.

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