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Fu Er Dai House Review


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be born and raised from a wealthy family? Well, this might just be your lucky day! Play’n GO takes its players to the heart of Asia, to experience the nouveau riche lifestyle of second-generation Chinese rich kids on another astonishing video slot game in Fu Er Dai. Spend the night away in a glamorous oriental-themed bar, as you meet three exotic Chinese escort ladies, ready to serve you with a sensual and fortunate night, you’ll never want to leave. Dress in your most luxurious brands, look your best and time to spice up the evening in luxury.


Fu Er Dai in Chinese means “rich second generation” and the player gets to experience the spoiled lavish lifestyle for a night. The game’s theme is quite fitting for an oriental rich slot game and features everyday items that are untouchable for the basic, such as luxury car brand keys, a designer wallet filled with bucks, and the most expensive cell phone you’d wished to own.




Fu Er Dai is a five-reel, three-row, and 10 pay lines online slot game; the opulent oriental atmosphere of the bar greets the player along with golden dragon statues on the pillars and lanterns with a dimly lit orange hue, setting the sensual mood just right. Before you start to negotiate on the nightly rates of the game’s beautiful escorts, players must place their bet through pressing the Max Bet button, which allows them to change the player’s stake. They can bet up to a maximum $ 100 or a minimum $ 0.10 if they please. Additionally, there are new coin options located below the golden table, allowing the player to choose the amount of cash they want to bet on. The player encounters the game’s Wild symbol, which is a red-eyed dragon that appears on the game’s reels and transforms into three exotic Chinese escorts in semi-clad dresses, oozing with dangerous sex appeal and a gorgeous dragon tattoo. There is no Scatter in this game but, with the bonus features such as Expanded Wilds and Win Spins, players get the chance to win bonuses and fortune for the night. Moreover, the lower value symbols, which are A, J, Q, K, and 10, are designed with golden oriental carvings that suit the golden game reel’s theme.


Tips on Betting


Being born and raised by a wealthy family gives you the perks to act and play like one. Take advantage of the game’s bonus features. Live the high-risk roller life and go all out on betting, With luck, you just might earn twice as much as the last bet once you land multiple Wilds that activate the Win Spins feature.


Special Game Features


Play’n GO’s Fu Er Dai has high-frequency game features and animations, designed to intensify the player’s night of luxury in their trip to China’s wealthiest bars.


  • Wild Symbols


Dragons are a famous symbol of power and fortune in Chinese mythology. The red-eyed golden dragon token represents the Wild symbol in this game, once the player lands on this Wild symbol, the dragon transforms into one of the exotic escorts and grants players rewards and turns two or three reels into expanded Wilds.


  • Bonus Rounds


Who doesn’t love a good bonus round? Everyone does! The game features two bonus rounds, which activates after triggering the first bonus. All three sexy chaperons turn into Expanded Wilds that occupy the game’s reels and enable the next feature, which is the Win Spins, granting players a chance to win substantial coin rewards.


  • Expanded Wilds


Can’t get enough of those beautiful exotic escorts? In this game, not only do you get to spend the luxurious night with one, not two, but with three lovely women! The Wild symbols transform into these gorgeous ladies in semi-clad outfits, revealing their full-back dragon tattoo as they become expanded Wilds that occupy the game’s reels and give additional rewards as the player keeps playing.


  • Win Spins


If you think there’s only that to spoil your vibrant shoes’ night? Well, that was only the beginning! After the player activates the Expanded Wilds feature and lands multiple winning combinations with the sensual ladies, the Win Spins feature will activate at random. This feature grants the player with free spins that ranges from three to 20 if you’re lucky enough.


Game Design 


The game takes place in the hip and youthful evening of China’s most expensive luxury bars. The nouveau hotshot player is spoiled by three exotic Chinese courtesans that will surely entrance players for Wild and lucky nights. The background music accompanies the game’s theme with its hip and techno Asian-pop instrumentals that the players come to the vibe. At the same time, the detailed animation and graphics in Fu Er Dai are at its superb quality that won’t disappoint its players. The game may not have a Scatter feature, but with its two bonus rounds, it may suffice the player’s total winnings earned through free spins and multiple coin rewards. Furthermore, with the game’s resolution size of 16:9, it can be playable on different digital platforms such as mobile devices, PCs, Macs, and tablets.




Play’n GO’s never fails to deliver when it comes to luxury-themed slot machine games. Fu Er Dai presents its players a night filled with rich money and sex with newly improved graphics and animation that will surely make the player feels wealthy. An excellent game for people who are fond of luxurious slot games based on the lavish lifestyles, living on designer cars, brands, and ladies that motivate the player on bringing home decent rewards. The video slot has a 96.5% return to player percentage mechanism for the player to spoil themselves in with the ladies and all hard-earned winnings.

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