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Gangster paradise slot House Review


Gangster Paradise by Novomatic is a gangster-inspired video slot game reminiscent of its 2006 release Chicago, one of its top games and still available today. Gangster Paradise is set during Prohibition, which was a notoriously brash and colourful era.

Predictably, the game design is visually appealing with bright city streets in 1920s art deco style and all the trappings of the mob world spinning to the sound of jazz music and exciting slot sound effects. A Tommy-gun-toting mobster boss and glamorous mob moll bracket the reels as if encouraging the player to spin already. While it is certainly a great display, does it pay? Read on to find out.




Gangster Paradise is a solid 5×3 reels video slot game with 25 fixed paylines with a variety of symbols scrolling through at Tommy gun speed. It is emblematic of many Novomatic games with similar patterns of features, mechanics and gameplay, although the max win per spin is a relatively low 500x. It is mobile-optimized, so players can play it on desktop and mobile devices, staking as low as £0.25 to as much as £100. Players can lose track of time playing this game.




Gangster Paradise has a total of 12 symbols. As with many Novomatic games, it has six low-paying playing card symbols, specifically 9,10, J,Q,K, and A. High-paying symbols include the classic car, cop, mob moll, and mob boss. The wild symbol is a gleaming gun barrel, bullet-casing facing, and the scatter symbol is a badge.

These symbols have varying benefits to the player. The multiplier (number of times) for a line wager for a 5-match combo for each symbol is:

  • 9, 10, j, and Q = 3
  • K and A = 4
  • Classic car = 6
  • Cop = 6
  • Mob moll = 8
  • Mob boss = 12
  • Gun barrel wild = 20
  • Scatter badge = 25

Ironically, mob-friendly players will be glad to see the badge flash in this game, because it yields the highest bonuses of the game. The badge often comes out in games involving Westerns and mobs, although not necessarily as desirably as here. It would be natural to hope for a 5-scatter landing, but a player is more likely to get a 5-wild spin. Wilds in the reels in any number increase the chances of a winning combo for any of the regular symbols save for the scatter badge.

Scatter badges in the spin are also essential for activating the free spin feature of the game. A player would need to land at three scatters in a spin to get 7 free spins. Four scatters would yield 10 free spins, and 5 scatters would yield 15. Two scatter badges landing in a spin during the bonus round will automatically add 5 free spins to the bank.

The best part of this feature is it is retriggerable. A player can potentially keep on getting free spins throughout the gameplay.

Additionally, when gun barrel wilds come out during the bonus rounds, symbols that come out stacked will automatically change into a full reel of wild cards. When a player gets three or more stacked wild cards , the game adds 5 free spins. That might seem like an unlikely thing to happen, but it can with a little patience and luck.

Gangster Paradise also ups the thrill ante with its Gamble feature, which is essentially a double or nothing proposition. A player can stake it all by correctly calling the colour of a playing card. Success means doubling the winnings, while failure means forfeiture.  The Gamble feature is only available during manual play, not in autoplay.




Gangster Paradise is definitely an enjoyable game to play. The pace is fast, the design is appealing, and the music is entertaining. If the goal is to have fun with video slots, then this is as good a choice as any, and perhaps better than many.

However, if the goal is to win big money, it might be a good idea to think about it. The payout potential of Gangster Paradise depends on a few things. It has medium volatility, so triggering bonus rounds and landing high-paying combos are reasonably predictable. That said, achieving the really big payouts available in the game is no cake walk. A player would have to be very patient, very lucky, or both to get the tricky combinations required for maximizing the payout.

Players should also note that while the default RTP for this game is 97.26%, operators have the option to lower that to as much as 88%, depending on the preset they choose. The overall experience can be significantly affected by a player’s choice of operator in this case.

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