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Gem Rocks Slot Review


If all the fancy animations of a futuristic world don’t interest nor excite you anymore, then you might be up for some high-stakes fun that takes you back  – all the way to the Stones Age. Gem Rocks, with its 6 reels and 4-row gaming, does this and so much more!


Well-developed and visually stunning, Gem Rocks is yet another one of Yggdrasil Gaming’s brainchildren. With over 4,096 ways for you to win here, it has quickly gained prominence ever since it launched in 2018.


The characters that you will meet here are based on a rock-made race. Its features include the Monster Rocks which will vary in sizes and in combinations. Although Yggdrasil Gaming is known for its heavily themed slot games, this one probably takes the cake with its out-of-the-ordinary spin to the Stone Age time period.


So, are you ready to explore this unusually-themed slots game? Find out ff you you’re cut out for the world of gems and stones by reading our review about Gem Rocks slots game.



You will be introduced to Gem Rocks’ symbols in – you guessed it – stone plates. Each of these symbols is allotted their own rules and rewards. For example, if you get 5 in a cluster, you can get up to as much as 75 coins.


Out of all the stone symbols, the Red Star is the most valuable because it pays the most. If you can’t manage to get a cluster from this, aiming for The Moon can also give you enough reward. The Emerald and the Diamond rank a bit lower in the rewards scheme, but they can still contribute to your overall winnings in the end. At the lowest in the rankings are The Square, the Triangle, and the X sign. Here, Monster Rocks have the same function as Wilds as they can substitute certain symbols.


For you to play the game, you need to land a minimum of 3 matching symbols on the reels. Each spin can be placed at a fixed betting rate of 50 coins. However, the value of the coins can be changed and you can start by placing your bets to as low as s £0.10 in every spin. You can also go for higher stakes at £50 per spin.


Additional Game Features


Gem Rocks does not really offer the usual Free Spins that you’d get with other slots games. However, what it lacks in free spins, it more than makes up for in providing you with consecutive winning combinations. This is all thanks to the Dropdown Winds feature. This gets triggered when gamers land a new winning combination. When this happens, the winning symbols will disappear from your reels so new symbols can be dropped down.


Another feature that you will encounter when you play is the Gem Rock feature. Here, you will need to trigger 2 or 5 or 9 consecutive Dropdown Wins. To help you keep track, this will be tallied in the gem rock meter on your screen. Once the Gem Rock feature is activated, you will land 2×2 Gem Rock for 2 consecutive wins, 3×3 Gem rock for 5 consecutive wins, and 4×4 Germ Rock for 9 consecutive wins.


Game Design


If you’ve been following the Yggdrasil Gaming franchise, you’ve probably seen a pattern and have learned one or two things from its launches. For one, we know that it produces some of the best graphics and animations in the slots game arena. This is clearly showcased in the vibrant colours of the stones and gems in this game offering.


All of the symbols are simple but so vivid and crisp in colour. Gem Rocks truly is yet another masterpiece from Yggdrasil Gaming.


Of course, let’s not forget the soundtrack that propels you to set the reels in motion too. Not only does Gem Rocks look stunning, but the fast-paced game is aptly accompanied by some of the gaming world’s best soundtracks too. It is an audiovisual treat for every gamer.




With an epic soundtrack and all the right animations and visuals from start to finish, Gem Rocks is a brilliant experimental slots game. One thing that we do miss from this ingenious new game is the Free Spins. Although the Dropdown Wins and Gem Rock feature  the game just feels a bit lacking without our usual favorite features.


Still, we know some people who are more than happy to lose the Free Spins feature in favor of more winning combinations. In this case, we’re chalking this up as a matter of personal preference and would like to move on.


Our final thoughts: Gem Rocks combines some solid visuals and great potential for a great time.

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