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Gemstone Jackpot House Review


We are all assigned a gemstone at birth, corresponding to the zodiac months our birthdays have fallen into. Our preoccupation with these stones has affected almost everything. From our purchases and preferences, the world revolves around these rocks we’ve marveled at for long periods. It is safe to assume, therefore, that there seriously isn’t anyone immune to the bedazzling beauty of these stones. Place these babies anywhere under the sun and baam!—immediately an object of awe and pinnacle of unparalleled beauty. Therefore, it is to no surprise for there to be hordes of different online slot games featuring gemstones as the main theme—the game we’re focusing on today is no exception.


Gemstone Jackpot is a classic slot machine game by Novomatic that aims to inspire the same level of love we have awarded these stones. With only the turning of the reel, get the chance to amass riches fit for a king! If one’s idea of heaven is to be toppled over by heaps of jewels and gemstones alone, then this is the right game for you! With a return player rate of 96.46 percent, your coveted ending of filling multitudes of treasure chests is only a spin away!


Eager on collecting those gemstones? Read on to know of Gemstone Jackpot’s gameplay, game design, and more!




In order to play the game, one must first select the number of lines they want to bet on, with the choices ranging between one and ten. The bet button must be clicked afterward; the minimum coins per line being 0.1 and the maximum 50 coins per spin. To get the lot of the reels into moving, one must click on the Spin button situated at the bottom right. Once the reels stop spinning, if you win by then, a reward is promptly given. To win the game, however, one must first have to land on three gems of the same color. In order for these gems to qualify, they first must be found on adjacent reels with the first symbol being on the first reel. Secondly, the gems must be on a particular slot on a pay line and that pay line having a bet. Lastly, in order to generate a combo, positioning must be done from left to right.


Of course, the symbols in the Gemstone Jackpot are the main theme and the most discernible in a loaded up game. Each symbol has a corresponding value; values for which are used when quantifying any winning you have made. A paytable is provided with the necessary information (general rules included), should a player want to create a combination they feel like would best be appropriate for this particular spin. Apace with the standard Symbols, Gemstone Jackpot also packs with it a special Scatter feature that is used to unlock bonus content. Despite all that, however, Wilds are not employed in the game.


Gemstone Jackpot’s gameplay is fairly simple and is similar to most online slots designed and launched by Novomatic. Players are granted the privilege to choose the amount they are most comfortable to bet with per line,with more earnings from a higher amount bet after a successful spin. A successful spin is usually purported when 3 of the same symbols land at the same time in a row, subsequently showcasing the value of the symbols.


To add, the more symbols with higher values that land, equates to a larger winning. The autoplay function is housed alongside the normal spin button, whereas the autospingrants the player the ability to choose a preset amount of spins, with the advantage of never touching the spin button every round.


Additional Game Features


The game houses a set of game features that does wonders for anyone playing for the first time. Apart from its base game, the regular play, these features are to aid you in amassing those gemstones!


  • Lock Feature – If a player succeeds in landing a winning combination on the reel, the symbols of that particular combination will lock and the remaining moving slots will respin once more. A player must always look out for new combos, usually found in the original pay line, which leaves the Gemstone Jackpot slot machine to spin for how many times until the same symbols dominate the grid.


  • Gamble Feature – After each win, players may choose to continue collecting their prizes for more or to gamble them off for a chance to double them. If a player opts for a gamble, he is made to guess the color of a card that is faced down. If you get this right, your prizes are significantly doubled. If you fail, however, all of your prizes are lost, subsequently ending the gambling feature.


  • Jackpot – This feature is triggered when a player manages to fill the grid with one same symbol. Having something to do with the Lock and Spin feature, the corresponding jackpot will highly depend on these two.


Game Design


Truthfully, the visuals of the game remain to be one of the most basic among all the other slot machine games launched by Novomatic. Set against the deep cool blue background, Gemstone Jackpot does the gemstones justice by focusing, therefore, on the gemstones graphic quality the most. With an easy and engaging interface, players are cut the additional slack of learning anything too complex.


The reel is of moderate size, completely taking up the majority of the screen, with the payline situated below it. The sonic aspect, above all, is the one that brings much glee. If you’re a fan of bubbly, cute, and jaunty sound effects, then having this playing in the background will surely inspire you to spin those reels a second time.




Gemstone Jackpot is a fantastic game to get into. Specially made to cater to first-timers, this game boasts of an easy-to-the-eye visual interface, enough to appease the ever-hungry gamer soul. The promises of this game are higher compared to its other counterparts, accounting for its massive return to player rate.

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