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Golden Legend Slot Review


It’s now time to enter Ancient China and discover for yourself the very truth behind the mysterious Golden Legend and all of this treasure in this slot game from the popular Play’n GO.


The game is a humble treasure hunt that launches players into trying to get their hands on certain golden animal statues that are deeply hidden all around the ancient world.

Among these animals are lions, tigers, birds, fishes, and even turtles. The more animals you’ll be able to find, the bigger the pot to take home.


Golden Legend Slot


Oh yeah, there are also a lot of very fun bonus games to play on the side just like the Wild Bonus, the Scatter Bonus, and also the Free Spins Feature.


To add to the good news already, despite the game being set in Ancient China, you’ll be able to conduct your amazing treasure hunt from a simple modern mobile device. Yes! It runs really smoothly on either Android or iOS technology.


Golden Legend Slot Gameplay


The treasure won’t just be lying around hidden in the Ancient World somewhere you can easily stumble upon, this is why it’s a great idea to make sure to pick up every single number and letter that you find.

For one reason, these symbols could actually be clues as to the whereabouts of you know… the treasure! For another reason, finding three to five different but matching symbols is actually worth about 10 all the way to 400 times your own stake.


Hopefully, the clues that you have been able to gather will lead you to very different golden and ancient artifacts in accordance with the Golden Legend being hidden somewhere here.


The breakdown goes as a collection of five different golden fishes or even five different golden birds then pay 400 times your given stake.

This is the same for gathering five different golden turtles or five different golden lions except for this time, this will be 500 times your given stake.

As for the legendary payout, you’ll have to get five different golden tigers in order to get 1,000 times your given stake.


Oh yeah, you have to keep an eye out for the cunning wild symbol on the reels two, three, four, and also five as, when they eventually trigger the exciting Wild Bonus, they will then substitute for every single one of the symbols except only the scatter symbol in order to give a number of lucky winning combos.


If you are able to spot out three scattered symbols, tada! You’ll be getting four times the total bet! This will also trigger everyone’s favorite bonus, the Free Spins Feature for 10 Free Games!

During these free games, you’ll be getting two more wild (and noticeable) symbols that will appear on the given reels and will eventually become stacked.

This gives the opportunity for players to win… wait for it… a total of 1,000,000 coins.


Special Features


  • Free Spins


With the right amount of luck, you’ll be able to land a total of three different golden dragons with jade eyes on any of the three reels. This in turn activates a few free spins that allow players to get a total of 10 free spins!


  • Wild Symbol


On every single free spin, there will be 2 different wilds added to the existing others on the reels numbered 2, 3, 4, and of course 5. This in turn improves the chances of overall payouts by eventually forming even more winning combinations.


  • Jackpot


The features can possibly be retriggered once and it also has enough potential to be able to grant players all the way up to 20 different free spins.

These are all accompanied by the ever increasing wilds. Don’t forget, the maximum amount that you’d be getting on this feature is 1,000,000 coins!


Game Design


The realistic feel of the game not only shows with the treasure, The looks of the game itself have been modeled to attract treasure hunters out there that want to experience their own adventure at home.

Play’n GO designed the game with a focus on making the perfect getaway at the convenience of your computer or smartphone.


The games’ color theme comes with a classic Ancient Chinese feel to it and as we all know, Chinese jewels can be amongst the most exciting things to win.

For a 2015 release, the technology used to develop this game is pretty high tech.

This means that despite the ancient feel, the game is still more advanced than the previous classical games. The sound production also adds another layer of thrill to the game with an authentic oriental feel towards it.


Most developers give importance only to how the game looks but a game is never fully presentable unless the developer factors in how the game should make the player feel.

From the color theme to the background music, this game has been thoroughly developed to simulate an amazing adventurous experience for players.


The game, although looks simple, was developed with a significant investment aimed to create the perfect game that offers players the adventure and thrill at the convenience of their computers or smartphones.




People usually play games that only give them a 50/50 shot at making it but with 96%, you’ll be able to have much more fun than you’ve ever imagined! Don’t wait for the next treasure hunt to come up, hop on this one, and win yourself the Golden Legend! The Golden Legend game by Play’n GO is truly one of their masterpieces.

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