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Grim Muerto House Review


The dead rise and perform a Dance Macabre in Play’n GO’s terrifyingly fun video slot Grim Muerto! This game is an online video slot with a five reel and twenty pay line setup, themed around the Mexican festival of Días de Los Muertos or Day of the Dead.

Developed by Play’n Go and one of the industry’s leading veterans when it comes to making fun and enjoyable online video slots optimized for player experience, players are sure to find that their favorite features like Wilds and free spins are included in this game.


Grim Muerto also boasts great design elements. It features high-definition animations, a background featuring stylized Mexican iconography, brilliant use of contrast, and vibrant colors. An upbeat soundtrack that surprisingly adds up to the gameplay experience and charming characters that wrap up the overall look of the game make up this game into one coherent theme.


Lastly, Grim Muerto performs smoothly across mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms, making it known to players that the game is no push-over for accessibility.




Grim Muerto is a five-reel and twenty pay line setup slot with a minimum and maximum bet of $0.20 and $100. Grim Muerto’s user interface is one of the most user friendly among other competing video slot games. The game offers players a lot of visual clarity with vital in-game information like winnings, total bet amount, and player credits presented clearly to ensure players have the best experience.


Moreover, the current coin value ranging from 0.01 to 1 can be adjusted by interacting with the coin value button. Wagering options can also be adjusted before starting the game using the left and right arrow to lower or raise bets to the player’s liking. The spin button sets the reels in motion and the AutoPlay feature is readily available to players, spinning the reel without interruption for a set amount of time. Lastly, the bet max option is also available for particularly hardcore high-rollers.


Grim Muerto also has a handful of bonus features that offer a certain amount of variety in every spin like free spins and Wilds. Enough to keep players entertained and captivated for a reasonable amount of time.


Tips on Betting


Running on a five-reel and twenty pay line setup, Grim Muerto gives players sensible betting options. However, players should note that since the game has twenty pay lines, players need to divide their total bets by twenty to determine the value of their bets for every individual track.


The following player submitted tips for Grim Muerto detail helpful in-game advice with regards to betting. Many players advise choosing stakes that match your capabilities, with stakes ranging from 10-60 coins considered optimal. The bonus features present in the game like Scatters and free spins are also said to be triggered quite often. These features, however, all depend on the size used in betting. Moreover, a self-evident tip that can get overlooked is knowing how to control yourself and knowing when to cut your losses and stop playing.


Additional Features


Powered by Play’n GO, Grim Muerto is sprinkled with well-loved features that every online video slot fan can appreciate, these features keep the game fun and exciting for hours on end and come in the form of:


  1. Wild – The Wild symbol in the game is depicted as a guitar with roses. In Grim Muerto, one random reel will be highlighted before spinning. Once a Wild symbol lands on the highlighted reel, it will expand and make the whole reel Wild; on the Free Spin round, this can happen on up to five reels at once.
  2. Scatter – The Scatter in Grim Muerto functions similarly to other online video slot Scatter features. Taking the form of a book adorned with a golden skull once three of the Scatter symbols are aligned horizontally or diagonally, ten free spins are awarded to the player. The special candle skull symbol only appears on the Free Spin round, which is a retrigger awarding players more free spins.
  3. Second Chance – Landing two Scatter symbols will grant the player a second chance wherein the player can select a mariachi symbol to reveal a reward, choosing the right mariachi symbol awards the player with a hidden Scatter symbol to trigger a free spin.
  4. AutoPlay – The AutoPlay feature is readily available to the player before spinning. Enabling this feature gives the player total control of their time as the player can set the game to start itself up to a maximum of 50 times.


Game Design


Grim Muerto is quite an eye-catching online video slot, themed around the Day of the Dead festival held in Mexico. Here, vibrant colors from deep reds, luscious purples, and shiny gold accents immerse players into the Mexican-themed game and sweep them up for a fun fiesta. Stylized letters and numbers make up the slot’s standard symbols, a golden book symbol for the Scatter feature, a guitar with roses for the Wild symbol, the haunting yet handsome members of a Mexican mariachi band serving as the slot’s second chance symbols. Finally, as a pièce de résistance, the game also made quite a catchy background music that won’t instantly make the players hit the mute button. All these elements might seem quite heavy. However, Play’n GO manages to find just the right amount of flashy to make the game’s aesthetic complement the gameplay, indeed a sign of exceptional craftsmanship.




Overall, Grim Muerto is an online video slot with just the right mix of flashy immersive design and solid gameplay ideal for fast-paced games. Powered by Play’n GO, Grim Muerto is a five-reel, twenty pay line slot with a decent RTP of 96%. The game offers its players sensible betting options for the cautious first-timer and, of course, a risk all max bet option for particularly hardcore high-rollers. It doesn’t stop there as Grim Muerto is sprinkled with a nice pinch of bonus features that will surely keep the game fun and fresh with every spin. Grim Muerto is an online video slot that first-time and long-time gamblers will surely enjoy.

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