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Gumball 3000 Slot Review


Ready, set, go! Start your engines and prepare for the race! With Play’n GO’s video slot game, Gumball 3000, racers merge with players to complete a lap—to reach the finish line. This is certainly the wildest and most hedonistic part of the wheel world.


The video slot Gumball 3000 is inspired by the 1970’s comedy films, focusing on the theme of racing in different parts of the United States. However, unlike those sitcoms, this game is tougher, hyping up the racing fans. It would definitely spice up the players’ race and the racers’ play.


Now, make sure your seatbelts are fixed, and tanks are full. In a countdown, ready yourselves for the aggressive ride. Join the race, explore this cunning extravaganza, experience the thrill, and let the games begin! Are you ready? In three, two, one, go!




Similar to other video slots, the game starts by spinning the reel. First thing first, before that, make sure to set your bets. There are arrows below to adjust the bets until it reaches the preferred number. After this, the game will commence, and players will have to hope for the best to arrive at a perfect combination. To start the game, press ‘Play’. There is also an autoplay option for those who want to multitask. Therefore, you can let the game continue without your supervision and still enjoy its surprises.


At first glance, what appears on the screen is the reel and other options. The reel is set on a 5×3 grid with 15 paylines. As for the lines, players are also given a choice which lines to activate, as well as the coin value and its appearance per line.


There are lots of symbols to enjoy in this video slot. Each symbol has a corresponding value with a design to complete the race experience. The standard characters with the regular values are represented by the letters A, K, Q, J, and the number 10.


Three fast and furious cars are present with stunning babes on their side. There are five colors visible: blue, green, red, yellow, and red, with values increasing respectively.


Moreover, you can see a black car together with a girl dressed in black as the symbol with the highest value in contrast with the other colors. However, besides these three, there is also the rare Bestsafe car that multiplies the excitement five times as the black sports car can. Lastly, there is a Wild symbol to make the game more exciting than it already is.


Special Features


Of course, there are special features available to complete the gaming experience. There are unique and rare symbols with magnificent powers to make the game more exciting.


  • Wilds


The Wild symbol of the game is the Gumball 3000 logo painted in gold. Typically, it has the ability to substitute all the other symbols aside from the bonus symbols. It can appear in reels one to five. Once achieved, 15 bonus rounds will be revealed.


  • Bonus Symbols or the Scatter


The bonus symbols can trigger three or more bonus games.


  • Bonus Games or the Free Spins


The free spins are a separate game that determines new Scatter symbols, which would definitely heighten your reputation up to 150 times. These features are called the Pick-em rounds or the Pick-a-Prize mini-game that increase your potential. The bonus round is divided into two. First, it will redirect you to a break out screen with a very fantastic video sequence. The map of Europe will appear with three different destinations to choose from. Next, another video sequence will happen that will showcase your chosen destination that comes with a surprise you do not want to miss.


Furthermore, the free spins require the Wild symbols to cover the first and third reels to get 15 coins. After it is achieved, it interestingly remains after the breakout specials; you do not need to retrigger it at all.


Game Design


The overall gaming experience would not be attained if not for the superb design. The game design of Gumball 3000 is on another level. It is highly modernized and polished, timely, and relevant to its release date. Surely, the players would find it appealing.


The symbols are well-designed. The cars are painted with bright specific colors, making it look authentic and fast—a sports car indeed. Meanwhile, the background well-complemented these visuals with perfectly integrated colors.


Moreover, the animation and the video sequences are so smooth with accurate pacing. Along with this, you can hear the sound effects such as engine noises and dance music, creating an upbeat and lively feeling.


Gumball 3000 is available on different online casinos on the web. It is accessible on desktop and mobile phones, both Android and Apple.




The game is very playable and enticing. It did not disappoint. Like other video slots, the functions and the gameplay is basic; thus, beginners and aspirants will not have a hard time navigating their way through it. The game design is also on-point. Without a doubt, players will enjoy this game because of the graphics that are perfectly supported by engaging sound devices.


With a 94% RTP, the chances are ensured, motivating the slot players to play even more. It is recommended for both beginners and pros, especially avid fans of the racing world. It will not be too difficult for the beginners and bothersome for the pros. If you enjoy playing video slots, this game is definitely worth the try.


Thumbs up to Play’n GO for creating such an exciting game!

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