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Gunslinger Slot Review


Imagine taking a trip into the dusty vast Wild West, where the tumbleweeds roll along with the humid breeze of the scorching desert, blasting gunshots and thundering gallops from what seems to be a chase between two cowboys on their trusty steeds.


Seeing the scene reminds you of that western video game called “Red Dead Redemption” or even that song on the radio played these days titled “Old Town Road.”


Gunslinger Slot review


These are some examples of popular media that have embraced the theme of the Wild West concept and, until now, are still relevant in today’s Western entertainment industry—including online slot machines.


Play’n GO’s Gunslinger slot puts players in the shoes of a rough and tough bounty hunter of the Wild West in this new video slot game. A small town in the Wild West such as this, you encounter familiar characters that run the place such as cowboys, sheriffs, desperados, and bounty hunters that certainly shouldn’t be messed with, unless you help them out with collecting the hard-earned fortune.

Moreover, the game also has bonus features such as bottle shooting for extra rewards or presenting a wanted criminal for bounty, which is sure to bring players a hog-killin’ time.


Gunslinger Slot Gameplay


Gunslinger is a five-reel, three-row, and 25 pay lines online slot game; the dusty terrain of the Wild West, blasting of gunshots, greets the player along with familiar faces in the tavern such as the charming barkeeper and sleazy criminals. Don’t wanna be known as a small fry in this tough town? The player can begin the game by placing a bet of a maximum of $25 or a minimum of $0.01 if you want to play it safe. The player also encounters the town’s most respectful icon, the famous bounty hunter, representing a high-value symbol in the game. Along with the Wild is the Scatter symbol, which is the bounty hunter’s trusty steed. Landing winning combinations on these high-value symbols can also activate the game’s unique features. Moreover, other signs such as the A, Q, K, and J are low-value symbols but can still give players a chance to earn a good winning.


Special Game Features


Play’n GO’s Gunslinger has high-frequency game features such as mini-games and fun animations that players will come to enjoy and feel the old west atmosphere in the game.


1.)   Wild Symbols

Never listen to anyone who says cowboys shouldn’t be trusted because, in this game, a cowboy is someone you can rely on. The Wild symbol in Gunslinger is the famous cowboy and can replace any other character present except for the Scatter.


2.)   Scatter Symbols

Ever wondered what it’s like to chase a criminal on a horse? It’s an exhilarating thing, and that’s the same feeling that Scatters bring to slot machine games. The Scatter symbol in Gunslinger is the majestic horse owned by the famous cowboy. Landing three Scatter symbols can grant the player extra coin rewards if they’re lucky enough to land winning combinations.


3.)   Bonus Rounds

Gunslinger slot has three interactive and intricate bonus rounds, that once activated, you wouldn’t want to stop playing them. These bonus rounds are Turn the Cards, Bounty Hunt and Shoot A Bottle, which is fun to play and win rewards from.


4.)   Turn the Cards Bonus

Turn the Cards bonus is a gamble feature that gives players the chance to earn bonus rewards such as coins and multipliers, after guessing the correct color or suit of a random card.


5.)   Bounty Hunt Bonus

Ever thought what it’s like to see a showdown between a bandit and a bounty hunter up close? In Gunslinger, players get the opportunity to be in the shoes of a cowboy in such a thrilling scene.

The Bounty Hunt bonus is activated after the player lands on three wanted posters on the game reels; the player then has to guess the opponent’s move correctly to win a bonus multiplier.


6.)   Shoot A Bottle Bonus

Another interactive feature in Gunslinger is the Shoot A Bottle bonus that activates at random.

Once three bottles of cold beer land on the game’s reels, a gun pop-ups to allow players to shoot one of the bottles and earn a chance to win from ten up to 20 free spins, so choose your shot wisely.


Game Design


The game takes place in the dusty and scorching little old Wild West town, filled with cowboys and bandits waiting in the corners of the tavern to get their hands on a load of bounty.

The player begins inside the pub, where cheers of every folk present are heard along with the clinking of bottles heard in the background, accompanied by the banjo instrumentals of the slot game’s music.


The game features three bonus rounds: immersive and entertaining such as, Turn the Cards, Shoot A Bottle, and Bounty Hunt Bonus that features quirky animation and transition of scenes that bring excellent storytelling to its players. Additionally, with the 16:9 resolution size, players can play this game on many platforms such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs.


Gunslinger Slot Review Summary


Gunslinger makes players feel the thrill of the bounty hunter living in the old Wild West, and Play’n GO delivers it accurately with ease.

Moreover, the bonus rounds of Gunslinger are quite thrilling; not only do players have the chance to win coin and multiplier rewards from it, but they also have a fun and interactive time playing.


Lastly, the video slot’s 96% return to player percentage mechanism and a progressive jackpot slot provides players for a thrilling time to win and roll for some more winnings for a chance to earn even bigger rewards.

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