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Hole In One Scratch Card Slot Review


Get ready for an enjoyable experience of scratching and skillful gold gaming, but with a twist! Play’n GO combines the refined game of golf with the fun of scratch cards into one casino game. Scratch cards are fun in real life, and more so through online gaming. This type of game is known to be bought and played in lottery stands, with people having to scratch the card literally with a coin to see if there is a prize inside. Revealing the prize under the endless scratching is as exciting as it can be as the thrill envelops you. Prepare yourself for another round of mystery and thrill as you scratch these things online.


Make it five or ten; we don’t care. You can have all the rounds you want without having to go to a physical store to buy cards. Through the brilliance of known casino games manufacturer Play’n GO, your very own scratch game online has been developed and brought to you exclusively. Hole in One is a scratch game that boasts a good return to the player advantage with 92.95%. Unlike video slots, this is actually considered to be excellent. The only games that are not recommended are those with RTPs below 85%.


Hit as many holes as you can possibly fill with this game. Furthermore, earn yourself some rewards too! This review will go over its gameplay and game design. Is it worth your time? Let’s play!




If you have played a scratch card before in land-based platforms, you’ll find that its online counterpart is exactly the same, in terms of its gameplay, but with possible minor alterations in its buying process. After all, online means of paying are different but more convenient than face to face transactions. People can usually play the game physically by scratching the card with a coin, which in the case of the online kind, you will have to use your monitors and mouse to have it reveal its mysterious prize inside.


Just like poker and slot machines, scratch cards can be played on various casino games online. Most platforms offer this kind of game to players with various premises. In general, this type of casino game is the simplest one of all where players need not employ any strategy to get a prize, nor do they have to adhere to rules.


To play this game, a card is presented on the screen, and all players have to do is to use the tool that is accessible such as the cursor for desktop devices and the screen itself for mobile devices, to scratch the card’s seals and reveal what it holds as a reward. Each of the circles that are found on the card has a mysterious hidden number or an icon that is hidden under it. For a possible triumph in this game, the player will have to acquire a certain number of matching symbols or make winning combinations with the icons to get a reward.


Like video slots, the higher the bet, the higher the possible chance of getting a good prize. Scratch cards that are played on the internet have different prices, hence the higher the price, the higher the chances of getting higher rewards. For beginners, they should take note that choosing a scratch card with a higher price value will up their potential for getting a breakthrough.


As a whole, the premise for playing online scratch cards can be considered as similar to playing any game at an online casino site. To begin, just look for the game Hole in One in the site and click on it. Once you see the new card button, press it and then place a bet in the form of a coin by pressing the plus or minus button that you can see on the screen. The minimum amount of bet ranges from $0.5 to $5.


After that, the card that has just been bought can be scratched using the cursor or the finger for touchscreen devices. By scratching all of the blocks, the symbols can be seen with their corresponding prizes at the paytable. If you want to start small to launch your casino game experience, scratch cards are the perfect way to get started.


Hole in One offers golf symbols such as a golf cart, a golden suit, a trophy, a medal, a golf ball, and a golf club. Each of them is tied with a specific set of a prize, each one higher than the other. The maximum prize for the game is up to 1000x the total bet. The second highest prize is for as low as only 50x card value.


While scratch cards may not be familiar for slot players, it is given a simple user interface for easy navigation, so beginners can easily find their way through the game without problems. Hole in One is available across mobile and desktop devices with supported operating systems such as Android, Mac, Apple, and Windows.


Game Design


Even as a simple game, it has a stunning array of graphics and animations that compliment the whole premise. The designs are well executed, with the golf field magnificently animated. The luscious green grass is therapeutic, and the clear blue skies are simply attractive. The soundtrack also fits perfectly with the whole experience.




Scratch cards? Scratch it! Online casino players should definitely have a go at this game. With a good RTP, there’s nothing that’s really stopping you from experiencing a new type of game at least once.

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