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Hotline slot house review


The theme of this NetEnt video slot may be retro but the potential wins that players stand a chance to win are very up to date. Designed with entertainment in mind, Hotline is a pretty fun game overall. This is especially true for players that can enjoy a little nostalgia in their gameplay. If this is the game for you then it will have you hooked from the very first spin. Suitable for all devices, you can play Hotline on your desktop, mobile phone, and tablet devices. This is a classic NetEnt feature but it’s still worth a mention if you get through this honest review on the game and decide to take it for a spin.




Something that is worth noting about this slot is that it’s a rather simple game with basic controls and rules that make it the perfect choice for new players and those that enjoy casual gaming. If you’re a fan of complex games that are filled with gimmicks, then this isn’t the game for you. However, if you can appreciate a modern spin on a classically styled game, then we would recommend that you try out this video slot.

Now, when it comes time to try out the gameplay, there isn’t anything new to prepare for. All you need to do when playing this game is adjust your bet, hit spin, and play. Your other option is hitting the nifty autoplay option and watch the game do all the work.

When the game loads onto your screen, this does not take longer than a moment, the game sets the scene with a cool animated scene. This opening sequence depicts an attractive jewel thief by the name of Kitty. She smashes a glass case to get to the goods and steals a necklace. A high intensity chase ensues, and Kitty is chased through the streets of Miami by the police. In her muscle car, she does her best imitation of a character from Grand Theft Auto. The way that this scene plays out sticks closely to the theme of the game as it looks similar to the credits being played out during a 1980’s TV series. This manages to captivate the audience, you, and sets a great tone for the game. A great feature here is that if you’ve played the game before, you have the option of skipping the scene if you’d like.

When the reels of the game’s grid pop up, they are encased in a neon strip that is rather befitting to the retro theme of the game. The icons that decorate the reels are just as suited. There are your stereotypical 80’s detectives’ Quinn and Riviera who are introduced in the game’s opening scene. The other symbols in the game include a crown, necklace, Kitty, and a mystery cat burglar who was also featured in the video clip who plays the villain that’s trying to make off with the loot.

The reels are set against a brightly colored background. Glowing magenta, blue, purple, and turquoise are the colors. This is fitting as they were signature colors of this era. Hotline has five reels and 30 paylines which is not unlike many other video slots making the layout a familiar and easy to understand one.


Additional Game Features


In this game, you are working alongside law enforcement to catch the thief. This game offers a comprehensive paytable that explains the different symbol value and the rules of the game. It’s recommended that you skim through this before playing the game, just in case!

The goal of this game is to land three or more matching symbols on a payline. It’s this simple to score in this game. The paytable highlights the best paying symbols that score the most wins. The symbols that pay the lowest among the lot are the jewels that Kitty has stolen.

When it comes to the bonus features of this game, the red Ferrari symbol acts as the game’s wild and it helps you make winning combinations. Next up is the scatter symbol which can unlock the bonus scene if you’re lucky. The game’s bonus round can be unlocked by landing three or more scatters anywhere on the reels.

The best wins that can be secured in this game are thanks to the 2x and 3x multipliers and the number one win that you can score is 200x your stake.


Game Design


When it comes to the design components like the sound and the graphics that NetEnt has paired up with Hotline, you can’t go wrong. This is because there is little fault that can be found with the retro-styled graphics. The quality, effectiveness, and coherence with the theme of the game are boxes that can be checked.




Overall, this is a pretty decent slot. You will need to enjoy the theme for it to be good but all in all this is a good one to try. Thanks to the casual gameplay, there isn’t much in the way of needing to learn how to play per se. If you’ve ever played a video slot before, then it’s likely that you’ll know what to do!

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