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House Of Fun Slot Review and FREE Demo Game

House of Fun is an interesting and story-driven online slot game that really packs a punch for those who feel like they require an end game to play. The developers have designed an interesting introductory story, complete with impressive animations to make this one come to life. House of Fun slot has a sleek and theme-inspired design that appeals to the dark nature of those who love Halloween and fun houses.


This online slot game provides thrills beyond the expectation with a bone-chilling storyline and heart-stopping features that will surely excite you. With a collection of amazing features like free spins and scatters that turn into wilds, it’s sure to keep you entertained. There is even a feature that allows you to “progress” in the storyline and help the characters escape the fun house.




Initially, House of Fun slot did take a little longer to load due to the graphics, but most players do not mind the extra waiting time if it leads to an exciting experience. Once the game was fully loaded and the introductory phase of the game had passed, it was quick and gameplay was seamless. It is also very important to ensure that you have a stable internet connection before you play. Setting yourself up for a spin is quite easy as well. All you have to do is click on the little wooden sign in the bottom left-hand corner.


Once you have clicked on it you will notice that the values on the board have changed. Keep clicking until you reach the desired amount. The next wooden board will be prompting you to select your number of pay lines. This is completely up to you and how brave you’re feeling. Then you will be allowed to spin or bet the maximum amount of coins on the maximum amount of pay lines by clicking on max bet, although most players start out small and work their way through the bets while they are still learning how the game works.


Additional Game Features


Besides the amazing graphics and general ambience that the game provides, it also features three great features that any player would love to see. The first one is the free Jack Spinz. Basically, you will be given three jack-in-the-box scattered symbols. If you get three of these symbols, then the centre reel becomes completely expanded and wild.


If you are lucky enough to get three or more symbols of a mad hatter in the first pay line, then you are eligible for the Mad Click Me feature that allows you to continue clicking until all you can possibly do is collect. The last and probably the most exciting feature is the bonus game that can only be activated if you get three or more knocker symbols. The catch is that the symbols have to be found within an active pay line otherwise it’s no good.


If luck is in your favour then you will get to play the extra game where the terrified children get to enter the dark and mysterious house. Your job is to help them escape (and, of course, win big rewards as well!)


Game Design


The design of the game is wonderful. The colours, graphics and sound effects really exude the impression of being stuck in a haunted house. The developers did a great job with investing in the animation and effects to really add something special to your gameplay. Fun House slot achieves this by telling a story and adding a bonus game as a feature that allows the players to complete the story. The sound effects are eerie, adding to the thrilling, spooky vibe of the game.


Most players strive to play the bonus game as it is not something that all players get to see unless they are dedicated to finding it. It’s like an Easter egg in a game that adds just a little more excitement when you think you are already riled up enough.  The storyline might not be original but two lost children in a scary and mysterious home will always be timeless, especially if you like this genre of fiction.




Fun House slot has almost everything that the average (and even advanced) online player is looking to find. This is a great and classic game with a little bit of a twist that keeps you on your toes and makes you want to come back for more. The features offered are on par with most other games in the industry, except for the Mad Click Me feature, which is not as popular but is still definitely something most players would love to experience. All in all, it is a great game that caters to almost every preference a player could have.

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