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Jackpot Jester 50,000 House Review


The flashing lights of this game can get pretty intimidating, but trust us, the game is pretty much straightforward. This game belongs to the classics in casino video gaming. If you are the old school type, this game is definitely for you! The game Jackpot Jester 50,000 does not have too many special features like Scatters and Wilds. However, it’s sometimes true what they say- simplicity is beauty. Jackpot Jester is a classic slot that allows you to play it very casually while challenging your mind at the same time. Jackpot Jester belongs to the famous slot in NextGen Gaming. Despite this, the game tests your instincts since you will have to decide about your next move after gaining something from the game. It is easy to decide to go home after you gain something from the game. However, think twice! This might just be your lucky day!


You can start by spinning three reels. After that, you can immediately see your fruits lining up on five pay lines. The game is just a matter of chance. By spinning, you could either win or lose. The fun part of the game is the bonus feature of the game: the Super game feature. It’s easy to just take the money after you gain something. However, a second look at the digits in this game will make you think outside the box. This game, although simple, requires strategy.




The game is a three-reel and five pay line video slot game. The theme as well as the symbol of this game is fruits, a golden bell, a jester and lucky sevens. What will motivate you along the course of the game is its prize which could be as high as 50 coins.


As you start the game, the lower set of reels is seen as the base game. You will see that it is pretty much the same as the classic slots with three reels and five pay-lines. After spinning three reels on five pay lines you can see cherries and lemons lining up. If you decide to bet your 20 coins, you might get the opportunity to transfer from the lower set of reels to the upper ones once you get lucky. If you have more than enough credits in your plate, then you can spin the upper reels. If you did not earn much credits, you can collect your gainings. On the other hand, the higher set of reels is different from the base game. Instead, it uses the stake of your base game five times.


Tips on Betting


Some tips on betting could be setting your betting range the way it suits your goal the best. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. You can find the “+/-” buttons in the bottom left corner which controls the sizes of the coins that could range up to four. You can also find below the reels two violet buttons that could be used to manage your bets. The first violet button is what you will use to choose between betting 10 or 20. On the other hand, the second one with a “20” on it is used to set the highest bet. This will consequently turn the reels. An option called the “Hand with Coins” gathers all you gain in the game. You can utilize the button after it which switches from lower to upper reels. One useful technique would probably be to get half of your stakes and reserve the other half to the super game. But then again, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for this game.


Special Game Features


When you play 20 coins per spin, you can enter the amazing part of the game. When you get more than twice the value of your bet on the lower reels, you will have the option to keep what you gain by pressing the hand button, or you can gamble your funds to the upper reels. When you maneuver the upper reels, your gains serve as your fuel. If you do not get anything, however, it allows you to focus more and keep on playing. What is gambling without a little risk?


Game Design


The game is themed like a typical game machine with bright, colorful lights that could easily intimidate you as you start. The effects may make you think the game is complicated but the features are rather simple. There are no Wilds and Scatters the reels. The game has five buttons. A symbol of the number 7 and fruit symbols that consist of the melon, watermelon, lemon, strawberry, cherry, and, what sort of looks like, a violet apple are a few symbols for Jackpot Jester 50,000. The Joker symbol represents the bonus feature. Getting an all Joker symbol means you are stacked in super game.




NextGen Gaming gave this video slot machine game a classic approach that teases people into playing the game for hours on end. Jesters and their charlatan antics are dispersed in every aspect of the game, leaving people wanting more. The game has colorful, cartooned graphics, classic sound effects and beautiful, bright light effects. If you’re a player who wants a classic, lively vibe to your game plus a mind game challenge, then Jackpot Jester may be an incredible choice for you! This game is simply exciting because you can get a maximum of 50,000x at your stake. As simple as the juicy fruits and joker symbol may seem to you, this classic game is one game that can bring you into a roller coaster of excitement. Jackpot Jester is a must-play game that will surely test your luck!

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