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Jade Magician House Review


Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, prepare to be amazed as Play’n Go brings you to the scene of enchanting beauty and magic with an Oriental feel! The company remains committed to its players as it continues to pursue the most engrossing themes to incorporate within their slot machine games to capture the attention of enthusiasts! Place your bets and cultivate your rewards while being encompassed by the world of Oriental fantasy!

Jade Magician is a slot machine game developed and released by Play’n Go in 2017. The game boasts a popular theme with a dash of uniqueness inspired by an authentic culture distinctively found in Asia. Jade Magician is developed to enthrall slot players into playing for more spins while being bewitched by a beautiful magician and surrounded by majestic creatures. The game warrants slot players with an experience like never before!




Jade Magician uses complex patterns for its design; however, the user interface remains straightforward for easy navigation. The game is made up of five reels by three rows and 15 pay lines for as many possible winning combinations. The game has a betting scope of a minimum of $€ 0.15 and a maximum of $€ 75, with a return to player percentage of 96.54%. Jade Magician stays true to its concept by using theme-related symbols, including the young, beautiful Jade Magician, four different elements of Jade Gemstones, a White Tiger, a Red Eagle, a Golden Dragon, and a Green Orb with a x2 symbol. The Jade Magician is considered as the Scatter, which can trigger a couple of game features, while the Green Orb is the Wild multiplier symbol which can substitute for any of the other symbols except for Scatter.

Like all other five-reel slot games, Jade Magician displays 15 random symbols after every spin. The goal of any slot player is to get at least three of the same symbols to appear across the reels and line up with any of the 15 available pay lines to get rewards. Because rewards will vary based on the wager, players need to strategize how to place bets, because low wagers reap lower rewards, and high wagers reap higher rewards. However, betting little is no problem if luck is on your side as this game contains a sizable jackpot award!


Game Features


  1. Wilds

Even small ones can go wild! In Jade Magician, the Wild symbol is represented by a Green Orb with a x2 Multiplier label. It will substitute for all the other symbols aside from Scatter to help you acquire more winning combinations. Although the Wild symbol only appears on the third reel, getting a Wild to be part of a winning combination will instantly double your win!

  1. Scatters

Flowers are beautiful even when scattered; what more when a lovely Asian maiden is scattered? In this game, the Scatter symbol is represented by the beautiful Jade Magician, who can activate two features of the game. When at least two Jade Magicians appear across the reels, the ‘Second Chance’ feature is enabled, which will prompt you to choose among four symbols, which can either reward an instant cash prize or free spins. When at least three Jade Magicians appear across the reels, you will get awarded free spins alongside another feature.

  1. Free Spins

When it’s free, there’s no need to even think twice about spinning it! There are two ways to get free spins in this game using the Scatter; luckily get free spins from the ‘Second Chance’ feature, or get five free spins from getting at least three Scatters! The best bet is getting free spins from at least three Scatters because not only do you get five free; you also get a 2x Multiplier Wild for the duration of the spins! Not enough? What if you were told the feature could be retriggered up to 50 free spins?!

  1. Jackpot

This game includes a jackpot award of a whopping 2,500 coins, which can be acquired by getting five Golden Dragons on a pay line!


Game Design


Jade Magician is a slot machine game set in a dignified country in the East, China. The game adopts an Asian theme but, also, shows off the world of fantasy in the Oriental context by including magic, white tigers, red eagles, golden dragons, and magical stones. With a general motif of the green color, the game’s design uses a realistic art style to depict the game’s symbols, interface, and background. The symbols on the reels are designed in detail using vibrant colors. The reels are shown to have a purple cloth-like appearance, and surrounding the reels is an intricate construction of a thin, golden frame, further framed by a broader display of a rough-edged jade slate with miniature dragon statues situated on either side of the jade frame.

Above the reels sits the game’s logo using a sharp and light green font between two circular jade stones. Below the reels are the controls and player status, which include buttons and bars to show coins, coin value, pay lines, bet, win, and a prominent spin button. Behind the reels is a blurred-out green background with the Jade Magician’s eyes peeking through on the upper left of the reels. Because the game was recently released, the animation is guaranteed to be well-developed so that the reels are rolling fluidly, and the players are playing smoothly!




Jade Magician is a slot machine game developed by Play’n Go to give its players a feel of the Oriental fantasy world while placing bets, unlocking bonuses, and acquiring rewards. Experience the thrill of nurturing your winnings while being closely watched by a beautiful Chinese lady!

Play’n Go guarantees this slot machine game to have fun and exciting features that are sure to rack up your rewards while being in a majestic setting!

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