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Just Jewels Slot House Review


Dazzle up like jewels in Just Jewels! If you feel like hunting for treasures, then this game might be the best for you. This slot machine is another release from Novomatic and is actually the precursor to its highly acclaimed deluxe version. It is kind of typical and straightforward. You’re probably familiar with other bejewelled games where you spin the reels and line up the jewels. This game follows this trend with its respective features that you will surely enjoy.


Although the theme is already typical, Just Jewels has twists to make the game more exciting to play. Some gamblers might be fed up and ask what is new in this bejewelled game. In this review, the game will be tackled. You are encouraged to read up to your interest.


This game was released in 2005. So, if you are looking for a modern design, you can also check Just Jewels Deluxe to double up the fun.




The game starts with everything presented on the screen—no introduction or anything to get you more excited. Nonetheless, it is easy to navigate since it is comprehensive, and everything is put into place. You will see the reel with five lines and three rows with the choice of 10 paylines. The lines are adjustable with 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 or 10 options to choose as presented beside the reels. Under it are the buttons you can click to place your bets, to start the spin, and to ask for more information about the game. You can also see your remaining balance; auto spin, paylines, gamble, skip buttons; and interestingly, the bar that shows instructions and suitable luck wordings.


The game will begin when the start button is clicked. You can also opt for the Auto Start button to let the game initiate it while you do something. Right after that, the reel will spin, and you desire to come up with matching jewel symbols. Players must manage to match three or more adjacent symbols on a winning line.


There are lots of symbols you can get in your paylines. The basic ones are the precious jewels themselves like rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and amethysts. Moreover, if you are aiming for better chances, there are also gold bars and piles of cash, and bejewelled crowns branded as six to seven-figure prizes, considered to be the top ones. The values of these symbols are patented respectively.


Although the game does not have any bonus features like the typical free spins, there are bejeweled crowns, the highest ranking symbol of the game. If you managed to line-up five crowns, you could reach the best of the chances. Furthermore, to increase your potential, Scattered Euros are extant to spice it up. This symbol doubles or triples your acquisition. It is so interesting, for it lives up to its name. Attaining this does not require the matching Scattered Euros to be on the same line, meaning all the Euros scattered all over the reels are counted. With this, you can enable the Double-Your-Money feature of the game. Also, you can hunt treasure using a spin-stake for one coin only.



Special Features


  • Double-Your-Money


This feature allows you to collect any prize! Also, you can risk doubling it through a guessing card where you guess the next playing card whether red or black after the flip. What makes it more interesting is that it gives you up to five times to double your chances in increasing your potential.



Game Design


Just Jewels’s visual design is quite simple. As mentioned above, it carries the typical theme of casino games. It does not also have any prelude to spice up the game nor any voice overs for an interactive experience. The interface simply shows the reel and the necessary buttons. When you first see it, it looks like a bank ATM. Judging by its color scheme, it chose typical blue, violet, and yellow color palettes. The number of paylines beside the reels are colorful and seems to complement the atmosphere. Moreover, the font of the title is not that elegant but enough to represent its name. Also, the precious stones are much designed; it looks appealing and charming.


As to the game’s sound devices, it gives the sound you are probably expecting. It sounds like the physical slot machine or the video games during the 90s, giving you the retro vibes. Although it does not have any voice overs, as said above, it does not necessarily make the game feel incomplete.


Furthermore, as to the overall animation, it seems to be lacking in that department, However, it managed to complete the gaming experience. Lines are connecting to similar numbers on both sides of the reels. The motion of the spin seems to be going smoothly as well.




Just Jewels is a mobile/slot game from Novomatic, released in 2005. It is the predecessor of Just Jewel Deluxe, a much more recent release by the aforementioned gambling company. Considering its release date, the game can be branded as one of the best during its time. It is set on a 5×3 reel grid with 10 paylines. This game is played by lining up precious jewels and higher symbols to attain excellent outcomes and chances. Although there are no bonus rounds, there is a unique feature called Double-Your-Money where a deck of cards is given, and you have to choose its color, whether black or red once flipped. There are also Wild symbols like the glimmering crown and Scattered euros to increase your potential. Moreover, the gaming experience is superb, for it offers you attractive design and excellent animation. With 95.42% RTP, you are provided high chances to relish the game. It will undeniably give you the bejewelled game that will make you play for more.

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