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King Kong Island of Skull Mountain Game House Review


The idea of having an intelligent and robust super monkey has haunted movies and games alike since the classic premiere of the original King Kong movie. Several films have since then come out with the same concept featuring a monstrous yet somehow human-like monkey. NextGen gaming is no stranger to this idea in King kong island of the skull mountain slots.


Another of their brilliant video slot games has joined the list with King Kong Island of Skull Mountain slot game. This classic venture of a monkey island features old time slot machine elements resting on the power of betting attraction. Like most of NextGen’s video slots, this game also parades a rich story with thrilling characters. It follows an explorer and his wife with their crew into Skull Mountain, where they encounter magnificent beasts. As a player, it is your job to rescue them in this exciting game of chances.


King kong island of the skull mountain slots  Gameplay


The game will provide you with a span of credit values and credit per spin options that you can choose from. Of course, you start the game by placing your bets on each line where you can opt to play one from the five credit values ranging from 0.01 and 0.25. You can choose how many credits you prefer to play per spin: either 25, 50, 75, 100, or 125. This game has 243 lines with five reels.


At the beginning of the game, you are asked to find the missing crew members. Therefore, you should collect hints from the symbols and any item you can find. However, some of the tips may also contain traps. When you find the missing crew, you can receive up to 2,000 coins for the explorer while the wife costs 1,500. The boat captain, on the other hand, costs about 1,250 coins. If you want to gain more, you will have to come face to face with King Kong himself.


You spin the reels and make as many matches with symbols as you can. The different symbols also offer each a different bonus and rewards. You can win prizes for finding a number of the game’s characters, while other games incorporate King Kong Wilds and Gate Symbols. We will get to them in the next section of this review.


The symbols are also fun with the characters etched on them, such as King Kong, Jack Driscoll, Ann Darrow, Captain Englehorn, and ten other symbols engraved on the stone. The goal of this slot game is to rescue the whole crew from Skull Mountain and out from King Kong’s island. This video slot game is available on mobile and desktop devices. The overall features are user-friendly and easy to navigate as well. The controls can be easily accessed through the on-screen buttons.


Additional Game Features


It is not a NextGen slot game without the presence of the Wild and Scatter symbols. King Kong’s logo represents the Wild symbols etched into stone. As a Wild, King Kong can replace the other symbols on the reels except for the gate symbol. The Wild can only appear on reels 2 through 5. The use of the Wild symbol will create winning combinations on the reels with each spin.


The gate symbol here is the Scatter. Like any other Scatter, this gate symbol is more profitable. If you land a gate symbol anywhere on the reels from any spin, it will unlock to let out another symbol, apart from the wild. The gate helps to create more winning combinations. Specifically, the King Kong Wilds and the Gate Scatter Symbol is your key to rescuing the crew. Although this game does not boast much on the special features, it only adds to the slot’s adventurous yet straightforward concept. The fact that it also parades a whopping 96% return to player advantage should add to the excitement.


Game Design


The graphics and animation of the game are impressive. It transcends the modern and dated designs of slot gaming with interesting and excellent character symbolic features. The work of art is glorious, from the deep wilderness and sanctuary packaging to the images which incorporate King Kong, a door, the game’s logo, a chief, a male, and female adventurer, just as conventional card images 10 through ace.


The background of the reels is the jungle with carved statues of gorillas on each side. The soundtrack is also quite mysterious, and the effects are satisfying. Bringing the characters to life also contributes to the story that closely relates to the Skull Island movie. The story is also rich in its telling. NextGen designed this game with the premise of an explorer and his wife going on an adventure with their crew to the mysterious island of Kong. The rescue-centered mission concept adds to the thrill of the game as well. It promises risk not just in betting but also in venturing to the dark island enclosed with a mysterious jungle where a fiery gorilla king lurks with its totems and numerous gorilla tribes.




If you like games with movie tie-ins, we guarantee that this game is for you. Equipped with characters from the movie, this game promises you joy and adventure with a little action stemming from the rescue mission that this game will ask of you. If you watched the King Kong movies, this game is essential too. Complete your Kong experience and try this slot out.

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