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Leprechaun Goes to Hell House Review


Play’n GO’s magical yet unique combination of themes for a video slot game allows players to take a breather from playing complex and sophisticated games. Featuring the strange dilemma of a mythological creature trapped in an odd place, Leprechaun Goes to Hell will surely peak gamer’s interests and deliver a glimpse of the fiery depths of the underworld for those who are brave enough to take a spin.


The game’s narrative is based on a mystical being with a spirited temperament and an adorable minuscule appearance to match. Leprechauns are famed for being full-time pranksters fond of hovering around pots of gold at the end of rainbows in the Irish folk tales. The mischievous leprechaun has, unfortunately, entangled himself with a she-devil named Evilene. She has enslaved the poor fellow into keeping the flames of hell scorching hot and bestowing upon him a difficult task of ensuring that the mistress of evil shall have an abundance of gold inside pots.




Leprechaun Goes to Hell can be accessed in all devices – desktops, laptops, cellular phones, and tablet devices. This accessible nature of the game allows players to play it wherever and whenever they want to. Additionally, the game’s mechanics are kept basic and clear to avoid confusion while in play to ensure an enjoyable experience. There are five reels and three rows depicting various symbols relevant to the concept of the game. Icons of a smirking leprechaun in a signature green suit and top hat, Evilene (the alluring and sinister-looking female devil,) elixirs inside potion bottles, pentagrams and, most importantly, glistening pots of gold are shown in this Play’n Go game!


A bet can be set somewhere between $0.25 up to $5.00. There is also a total of 25 paylines available for the taking per spin. After spinning symbols form patterns – diagonally, vertically, horizontally or in a zig-zag that runs across the reel determines the kind of reward that a player will receive. Since Leprechaun Goes to Hell is a game with a fixed payline, players who are interested in slot video games with low wagers can surely benefit from the minimal point of margin set for betting. At the bottom of the digital slot machine the player can manually raise or decrease the amount at stake or the player can choose to automate this process by using the Autoplay feature located at the left-hand side of the screen. Furthermore, the game has a 96.54% return to player.


Additional Game Features


  • Wilds


Leprechaun Goes to Hell has a dual symbol for a Wild and it is quite evident that the symbols are the Leprechaun and Evilene. A Wild is when a symbol can fill in for every single other symbol on the reels and, in doing such, completes paylines. As a rule, the special case to this standard is that the Wild cannot supplant Scatter symbols, a free turn, or another icon considered to be carrying a bonus.


  • Free Spins


Free spins can be obtained if a pot of gold emerges anywhere across the reels thrice. This feature of the game grants players a total of ten free spins and it is played on the default five by three format of the slot machine in the game.


  • Infernal Spins


The Infernal Spins feature is activated when an Evilene Scatter symbol appears thrice on the reel. Obtaining this additional game feature bestows ten Infernal Spins on a player. It is played on a three by three-reel format and whenever a heart symbol lands on the middle of the reel an extra infernal spin is activated. The Leprechaun feeds coal into a burner or steamer labelled with a jackpot at the top. Furthermore, the Leprechaun Scatter acts as a Wild symbol while the Infernal Spins element is triggered.


  • Autoplay Feature


The Autoplay feature activates a feature which automatically spins the reel. This gives players a predetermined chance to perform a continuous spin free from distractions.


Game Design


The game’s smart and user-friendly design makes Play’n GO’s Leprechaun Goes to Hell more inviting for players. The interface is straightforward which can be helpful for players who have novice skills in operating gadgets. The graphics are smooth, making the experience of playing the game more immersive. Moreover, the character concept for Evilene and the leprechaun obviously underwent thorough designing and planning. The colors used in the game are mainly red to emphasize the setting which is hell with a tinge of green to attribute to the leprechaun is a wise decision which further highlights the uniqueness of the game’s concept. The beautiful and intricate detail in the symbol for the Scatters on the reel and the smooth yet straightforward animation for Evilene the devil and the leprechaun make the game more interactive. The sound effects in the game are a combination of two genres – rock and Irish jig existing on different wavelengths from each other but, surprisingly, blended well together.




Leprechaun Goes to Hell is a slot video game that adheres to the traditional rules of the game but Play’n GO was able to make the idea of taking risks exciting. The game might sound and look sophisticated due to its name and superb quality in graphics but, once you get started, then you will undeniably keep you hooked and yearning to be able to play more. Its central concept was given justice through its unified design resulting in a game with superb quality. Play’n GO did not hold back into developing the game, thus ensuring that it has generous and understandable rates. It is indeed worthwhile to invest time and effort in playing an excellent game such as Leprechaun Goes to Hell.

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