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Mega Joker House Review


Everyone knows the Joker–it just isn’t possible for anyone not to know Batman’s sworn nemesis. Even when dealing with a deck, the joker playing card is usually set off aside as an anomaly, only to be brought out again when it’s time to sniff out the games’ loser. In the modern era, however, the Joker figure has been gaining attention. Not the spiteful kind but one of sympathy and understanding. Recent films have brought the Joker’s debated mentality to the fore, revealing the reasons for his supposed notoriety.


Thanks to Novomatic, the most disregarded playing card from the traditional deck is thrust into the limelight! Mega Joker is a slot machine game by the software mentioned above that highly appeals to the old school loving soul. With an astounding return player rate of 96 percent, the probability of furthering your winning streak is set to an all-time high. Since its conception in 2013, the Mega Joker sadly hasn’t been rearing the same level of fame it had lived off in the earlier years. A classic game that pays tribute to the retro slot machines, Mega Joker, is the perfect fix for anyone who can’t get enough of the slot machine experience and truthfully a game that brings the casino game experience to your very doorstep.


Are you finding yourself riveted? Read further to know of Mega Joker’s gameplay, game design, unique features, and more!




Entering the Mega Joker echoes the same feeling as being admitted to an actual, real casino. Before a player is shown the game slot, a screen will be in display, with the available video slots in tow. Seats are designated to every player upon arrival and, by clicking onto the seats, one can spectate the game that the player is currently immersing himself in. A feature unique to Mega Joker only, one can learn the technicalities of the game, maybe even pick up a few nifty tricks, from spectating.


If a player chooses to take an unplayed seat, the game will subsequently display the video slot’s screen. The number of paylines and a starting bet that scales with the lines, as mentioned earlier, can be adjusted freely by a player. An auto spin option is also available, should a player unlock it when playing, and enables spinning the reel without the player ever touching the spin button. The other symbols employed by the game are incandescent fruits, all of which vary in their value. Apace with them, are two number seven symbols– a symbol each player must look out for–that hold the highest values out of all the basic symbols.


Additional Game Features


The Mega Joker houses a set of features that brings anyone’s gaming experience up a notch! Few in numbers they may be, they do live up to their purpose of making the games’ overall experience positive.


  • Scatter Symbol– This symbol comes in the form of a yellow five-pointed star. If a player secures five of these symbols anywhere on the reels, a payout is gifted.


  • Court Jester– This feature, which represents the Wild symbol set in the video slot, is capable of substituting all of the symbols found in the game, except the Scatter symbol. If a player were to secure 5 of these symbols on an active pay line, a gratifying bonus would be netted to them. It is worth to note, however, that this bonus isn’t as high-yielding as the Scatter one.


  • Gamble Feature – This feature is triggered when a player lands a win. In the instance that it becomes active, a player is then qualified to employ it if they wish. It also requires that a player guess the color of the card next in line. A player is also given a chance to guess five times in a row and to stop anywhere should they wish. If one is lucky enough in this pursuit, their winnings can be doubled. Otherwise, guessing wrong would cause you to lose winnings.


Game Design


The Mega Joker features five massive reels and 40 paylines, that are played on a five by four grid that is a pretty standard formula for Novomatic games. The software mentioned does a fantastic job of fashioning the game after an actual casino. As mentioned earlier, a set of seats is to greet a player upon admittance. These seats, when clicked, allow any player to spectate another player’s game–a feature of Mega Joker that is inherently unique in itself. The visuals, on the one hand, bring forth the nostalgia often generated when one is confronted with a scene that is equal parts foreign and familiar. The background is of a deep red, with the Mega Joker’s shining fruit symbols usually the first to receive attention. However, it doesn’t take long for anyone to identify the main star of the game–the Joker himself. Clothed in the vibrant shades of green and red, accompanied by its quirky subtle movement, it’s just isn’t possible for you to miss this little trickster!

The reel is the most distinctive, with its reasonably huge size covering the majority of the screen. A pay bar is directly found below it, housing in the necessary buttons for active play. In the instance of a player securing a winning combination, the particular rows that hold these symbols light up in honor of your win. The sonic aspect, conversely, does wonders in elevating the gaming experience, albeit being the standard sound for classic retro machines. Also, in the event of a feature being unlocked, a blue line is to connect the symbols subsequently.




If you’re looking for a game that is not too heavy on technicalities, then Mega Joker is the game to consider. With its unique spectating feature, players are made to generate for themselves combinations they most resonate with and are saved from going home empty-handed, should they have played immediately. Overall, the Mega Joker is an enjoyable standard game by Novomatic that serves wonderfully for anyone just wanting to have a great time. This old school themed game is the perfect repast for anyone curious enough to venture into online casino games.

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