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Merry Xmas House Review


You can experience the festive spirit of the holiday season using Play’n GO’s Merry Xmas video slots! It is an ideal choice for people looking for another category to try, other than the generic ones out in the market. It may not have a memorable atmosphere. However, the graphics offer a whimsical experience using different and timely animations that fit directly to the theme.


The development company behind Merry Xmas is well known for implementing 15 pay lines in their video slots and this one is no exception. The symbols, in particular, are very remarkable and match well with the whole theme. You can see Santa Claus, several reindeers, sleigh bells, and other related items relevant to the Christmas season!


Play’n GO has distributed Merry Xmas in many online casino websites, making it a lot easier to experience the brilliance that the development team is offering. If you’re still not convinced, fret not, since some gambling sites offer free demos to give you an initial feeling of what you should be expecting.


Merry Xmas may not have a groundbreaking concept or idea. What it does offer is enough charm to entice gamblers while, at the same time, offering several unique game features.




Merry Xmas functions just like any other video slot game. Players will still need to make their initial bets to be able to engage in this Christmas-themed game. You may use intuitive arrows to adjust your betting amount, depending on your play style.


The game also utilizes coins as they urge players to input a “Coin Value” from 0.01 to 0.25. After that, you may adjust the coins that will be on play, as well as the lines according to your preference.


Merry Xmas also has an Autoplay feature that players may use if they’re in for a long betting session. It may not be an interactive way of gambling. It does, however, help those who are willing to dish out a large amount of cash for their gambling activities.


Tips on Betting


There are no sure ways to win in Merry Xmas since it is a dedicated gambling video slot. It means that all results are randomly generated, and no one controls the whole thing. But you can still make your strategy. Considering that Merry Xmas allows a meager betting amount, you can quickly start by taking that route and use your earnings to scale and start betting big.


There are also a couple of features that you might find helpful, and you may refer to them in the next section.


Additional Game Features


We need to put up a little disclaimer; Merry Xmas don’t offer free spins to players. It might sound frustrating, but at least Play’n GO have acknowledged the shortcoming and instead offered something arguably better.


  1. Wild – To identify Wild bonuses, look for indicators that say 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x. It means that you’ll have several chances of multiplying your winnings for up to 5x!


  1. Pick Me – This feature is a bonus game implemented by the developers to compensate for the removal of free spins. It’s pretty hard to activate as it yields a significant amount of winning when played right.


  1. Click Me – Another feature that is also a bonus is the click me. It occurs randomly and may have an appearance on different reels. Players that encounter this bonus are presented with three options, all of which are containing exciting prizes.


  1. Gamble – Like almost all video slots, Merry Xmas also has a gamble feature. It is a very risky decision to make, so it is only recommended to veterans and those who know their actions. You will be presented with a card, and you need to guess the color and the suit correctly. Failing to do so will result in losing all of your winnings.


Game Design


Christmas themed gambling games aren’t new, and they have been done so often that the market is already facing saturation. But Merry Xmas strives to rise above mediocrity and offer something unique for gamblers hungry for new content.


Graphics-wise, the game looks neat, and the best thing is that it smoothly transitions to gameplay! You can easily distinguish every symbol and text that is present inside the game because of how they look and how the designers have put significant emphasis on them.


The betting conditions are also very generous, and players could have any freedom they want because of many features that are even starting to become overwhelming but in a good way. These said features are also balanced and don’t degrade the quality of gameplay in any way.


Little is to be said about the audio as it already serves its purpose and is something that doesn’t need improvements to be functional.




With five reels and 15 pay lines, the game still packs a punch. And it is the ideal Christmas game to play to celebrate and rejoice the holiday spirits. But of course, it can even be played any time of the year and is perfect for gamblers longing for the Christmas season.


Using familiar symbols and texts connected to the context makes the video slot a lot more worth it to play for an extended period.


It is always a good thing for a video slot to score a good RTP, and Merry Xmas has an impressive 95.79%. Aside from that, the flexible betting range of 0.15 to 75 helps make the video slot appealing to beginners and veterans alike.


Pick Me and Click Me are two important special features to note as they act as a replacement for the universal free spin. It may have been a significant loss, especially for veterans, but both are enough to justify the whole thing.


Merry Xmas isn’t offering you the peak video slot experience, but it is more than enough to cater to gamblers looking for games that deliver generous and fair results.

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