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Moon princess slot House review 

Play ‘n Go has done it again with Moon Princess Slots! Released in 2017, this game is loosely based on the famous manga series Sailor Moon, with super-powered girls saving the universe using their magic powers and space wands.

If you think that this game is too girly for you, then maybe the high-octane gameplay will change your mind!  So, now if you’re interested in finding out how this wonderful game works, read on!


Moon princess slot Gameplay

Moon Princess Slots has an RTP of 96.5% and is a high volatility game. With an RTP like that, you can end up with some seriously big money, but the volatility means that you may have to wait for those wins.

This game is not your typical spinning reels slots game. Instead it’s the more unique 5×5 grid slots where 25 tiles fall from the top. And this game has an all-ways-win design, which means that you just need to get at least 3 adjacent matching symbols – either vertically or horizontally!

To start the game, you need to first lay your bets. You can click numbers that range from 0.20 to 100 on the Quick Betting Panel. Since this is a high volatility game, you will need to play quite a few spins before you actually see those wins dropping in (unless you’re lucky!). So, a good strategy to adopt is to keep your bets small so that you can last through a larger number of spins and have a better chance.

Once you’ve set your bet, you can click on the Spin button to play.

Now, there are 3 princesses, and each has her own Girl Power. They are Love, Star and Storm, and they constitute the high-value symbols in the game. The lower-value symbols consist of the Bell, the Heart, the Star and the Circle. You can use the same symbol in more than one winning combination. When you land a winning combination, those symbols are removed from the grid, and the symbols drop down (but new ones are not added).


Additional Game Features

The base game itself is quite exciting, as you can end up with a cascade of wins. But it’s the additional game features that will get your hooked to Moon Princess:

  • Wild

The Moon is the Wild symbol and it substitutes all other symbols. The Wild does not appear on its own – you need to create one by landing winning combinations. The more you win, the more Wilds are created.

You can create a winning combination with the Wilds, or with their substitution. And since this is an all-ways-win game, you can create multiple winning symbols simultaneously!

  • Girl Power

You’ve already met the three Princesses! They appear on the right side of the game screen and their super-power is triggered randomly:

  • Love: She will transform a set of symbols into another.
  • Star: 2 Wilds will randomly appear on the reels.
  • Storm: She will blast two sets of a symbol with lightening, which makes room for new symbols to drop down.
  • Trinity

On the bottom left side of the screen, you will notice a meter. When this meter fills up, you will activate the Trinity game feature. This is how it works:

  • You need to land winning combinations with the Princesses. For every combination, you activate one bar in the meter, and when all three bars are filled, the Trinity Feature is activated.
  • Once this feature is activated, the game grid clears up and a fresh set of symbols appear. Then, all three Princesses power up the grid one by one – you get Love to change the symbols, Star to give you Wilds and Storm to remove unwanted symbols. Once again, you get a huge boost on your winning potential with this feature.
  • Free Spins

The Free Spins feature isn’t easy to activate. You need to be able to clear the entire grid of all symbols, and only then will this feature be triggered. Before the Free Spins mode starts, you are given the choice of 3 Free Spin options:

  • Love: 4 Free Spins, and a Recharge of 4 Free Spins
  • Star: 5 Free Spins, and a Recharge of 3 Free Spins
  • Storm: 8 Free Spins, and a Recharge of 2 Free Spins

During the Free Spins mode, the Princess you choose will use her magic power to increase your win potential, and the multipliers will not reset after each spin, but will keep adding up to a total of 20x! And if you manage to fully charge the Girl Power Meter, then you are awarded extra free spins.

  • Multipliers

Every time you land a winning combination you get a multiplier. And if you land cascading wins, the multipliers will keep adding up.


Moon princess slot Game Design

When Play ‘n Go developed Moon Princess Slots, they really created a beautiful game! The theme is girl power and it’s fantasy anime, so the graphics are stunning but feminine. The background changes depending on which Princess is active – Green for Storm, Pink for Love and Blue for Star.

When the bonus features are activated, the animations are entrancing! And the tempo of the music also picks up! The entire game is designed to create excitement that will have you sitting at the edge of your seat!



Moon Princess Slots is one of the best games created in the market and its exciting gameplay will keep you coming back for more! We give this games a huge a thumbs up!

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