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Motorhead Video Slot review


Motorhead slot is, as the name suggests, inspired by the iconic English rock band by the same name. The band is well-known for re-energizing the heavy metal genre in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. This is the key association that provider, NetEnt, wants to highlight with this game. Impressively, the game boasts beautiful graphics, great features and 76 paylines.

This game is definitely meant to keep you on the edge of your seat! For those who do not know the iconic band the game will still excite you and keep you entertained for hours, while offering the added benefit of exposing you to one of the greatest rock bands of all time, some of their chart-topping songs and anthems and their interesting band members. You will get to know and understand the band ethos though the graphics, the music and the symbols used.




The game takes, on average, about 1 minute to load which is relatively fast if we compare it to other games within the same genre. The gameplay is very simple, which should not be counted as a disadvantage. Once you’ve loaded up the game, it is time to rock and roll! You need to place a bet by navigating to the “coin value” button on the control panel at the bottom of the game page. This option allows you to choose your coin denomination which ranges from 0.01 to 1.00.


Once you have made up your mind about your desired denomination, navigate to the level tab in the same line. The level tab will allow you to choose how many coins you bet on each line and range from level 1 to 10. There is also a “max bet” option that will automatically select the maximum bet possible. All you have to do is click the spin symbol that is represented by two arrows. One of the features offered by this game is autoplay, the level and line denomination that you choose will go on for as many spins as you choose. To make a selection for the autoplay option, click on the Auto button below the control panel and set it to the desired number of spins.


Additional Game Features


Apart from the autoplay feature that is not specific to just this game, there are many features that are such as wild and scatter symbols. The wild symbols substitute for any symbol except, of course, a scatter symbol. Three scatter symbols appearing anywhere in reels 3, 4 and 5 will activate 10 free spins to the lucky winner. The fun and excitement does not stop there. There is a special bomber feature that is randomly activated before a spin in the main game.


These bombs are made up of a cluster of mystery symbols. There are a number of bombs that then create an overlay of mystery symbols and once this is complete the reels will spin once again where symbols will be chosen in the same manner as the mystery reel overlays. Mystery reels can turn into any symbol except a scatter and consists of a stacked reel of mystery and ordinary symbols. If you were awarded free spins then the mystery reel consists of stacked scatter and wild symbols. The great features that this game offers certainly makes it interesting and worth a play!


Game Design 


The game’s design is appropriately dark and dingy which was the general atmosphere created for rock concerts and performances during this era. The background of a live concert really sets the mood with the little details such as the amps, guitars, speakers and spotlights that act as prompts for game play. The game features four of Motorhead’s most popular songs: Ace of Spades, Iron Fist, and Killed by Death and Overkill that accompany game play if you should so choose.

To activate rock mode there is a little red button on the left hand side of the screen. It is highly recommended to do so as the music in conjunction with the graphics and features, really creates a well-rounded and immersive playing experience for the avid gamer. The layout of the game is simple, clear and comprehensive. Players looking for information do not need to exit the game to find some facts about the band or the features of the game. The information can easily be found by clicking on the “i” icon on the left hand side of the screen that will assist first-time players or novices who are willing to strike it big!




To conclude, Motorhead slot is a very immersive and invigorating game, combining the thrills of taking your chances with the legendary band that gives this game its name. In true Motorhead style, the game encourages you to take big risks to reap even bigger rewards. The general ambiance of the game is dark and mysterious, which will really appeal to Motorhead’s die-hard fans.

The simplicity and the special features of the game will attract the avid gamer and even the novices boasting auto play, free spins, mystery reels, rock and roll, great graphics and iconic music. All in all, this game has the recipe for many hours of thrilling entertainment from the comfort of your own home!

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