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Mystery Joker House Review


Are you looking for a hint of mystery and nostalgia to spice up your betting high? You might find what you’re looking for in Mystery Joker. Developed by Play’n GO, Mystery Joker takes the classic video slot game and puts its own spin on it, opting for a three-reel and five pay line setup that includes bonus features.


This Play’n GO game is a little unusual, as most three-reel slots found online don’t often have bonus features integrated into its gameplay. Mystery Joker compensates for the low number of reels and pay lines with its Mystery Win feature that can net the player a maximum of 100x the bet’s value.


With no overall theme, the game’s simplistic style highlights its most prominent component: the gameplay. Unlike many online video slot games that bombard players with distracting visuals and convoluted bonus features, Mystery Joker is an online slot game that goes back to the classics and also focuses on solid gameplay and optimized player experiences.


Classic games like Mystery Joker are quite compatible with mobile devices. Mystery Joker may look like a simple retro game but, despite this, it surely is an engaging and fast-paced game for both high-rolling and casual players alike.




Mystery Joker is designed with three reels and five pay lines with minimum and maximum bets of $0.5 and $100, respectively. Mystery Joker offers a lot of visual clarity in its gameplay, giving the player indicators for their balance, total winnings, and current bet amount. The player can either lower or raise their bets through the use of the left and right arrows found on the bottom of the screen and, of course, the spin button that is essential to start the game.


Furthermore, the game features a handful of features that spice up every spin with the game’s addition of the Scatter symbol capable of awarding the player with free spins if they’re lucky enough.


The Mystery Win feature that rewards the player a random amount of extra coins. The elements found in the game are somewhat limited, yet they serve their purpose of keeping the game simple while still adding fun twists for the player.


Lastly, the game also has the Autoplay feature, readily available to take over when the player wants to come along for the ride and wait for lady luck’s golden smile.


Tips on Betting


Operating on a three-reel and five pay line setup, Mystery Joker, offers its players plenty of sensible wagering options. However, it is worth noting that since the game operates with five pay lines, the player needs to divide their total bets by five if they want to figure out what the value of their wages is for every individual track.


Mystery Joker has a couple of player submitted tips and tricks regarding the game, mainly revolving around taking advantage of its Free Spin feature. Players also recommend estimating payouts and knowing when to pause, and knowing how to bet correctly.


Special Features


Play’n GO didn’t pull any stops on Mystery Joker because of its low amount of reels and pay lines compared to its other competitors. Instead, the game compensates for that by choosing to sprinkle the game with bonus features for the player’s convenience and keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting. These features take the form of:


  1. Scatters – The Scatter symbol in the game takes the form of a traditional-looking jester’s hat. Aligning three of these symbols, either horizontal or diagonal, triggers the Scatter feature that grants the player ten free spins, which can be re-triggered during the free spin round up to a total of fifty free spins.


  1. Mystery Win – During the Free Spin rounds awarded by the Scatter feature, if two or more Jester Hat/Scatter symbols show up in the slot reel, the player will be awarded a random amount of credits ranging from a minimum and maximum amount of one and one hundred credits respectively.


  1. AutoPlay – The AutoPlay feature is readily available to the player before spinning. Enabling this feature gives the player total control of their time as the game continues itself with no reliance on player input.


Game Design


From a design standpoint, just from the title alone, one might assume that the game’s theme would revolve around a mascot, colorful visuals, and wacky animations. Surprisingly, though, there’s not much going on for Mystery Joker’s visuals. Its aesthetic is toned down into a pleasantly minimalist retro style, with its core gameplay being its crowning glory. With dark gradient backgrounds and simple two-dimensional illustrations, the slot’s contrasting bright gold color is highlighted, doubling down on this concept of minimalism the game has little to no eye-candy even on the off-chance a particular feature is triggered.


The symbols used in the slots are also kept simple to fit the game’s look. There are only five of these symbols in this three-reel slot. They are all purposefully traditional-looking. The symbols on the reels being cherries, lemons, grapes, bells, and stars, with all of them adding to the game’s retro charm. The only stylized logo being the traditional looking jester hat that serves as the game’s Scatter symbol, which is the key to the game’s more exciting bonus features.




Mystery Joker is a well-developed and straightforward video slot from Play’n GO, one of the industry’s leading suppliers of fun, exciting, and high-quality video slots. Mystery Joker attracts true slot machine fanatics thanks to its impressive features that casuals and veterans to online video slots will surely enjoy.


In conclusion, Mystery Joker is a classic online slot machine ideal for fast-paced games. With its minimalist aesthetic, traditional symbols, sensible wagering options, a decent RTP rate of 96.98%, and a free spin feature – which is quite rare in a classic slot. Mystery Joker by Play’n GO is a stand out among the rest. As one might expect from a three-reel online slot machine, Mystery Joker, at its core, is a classic online video slot that appeals to lovers of the traditional and simplistic slots.

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