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Owl Eyes House Review


Casino game developers are always doing their best to innovate and improve the experience of online casino goers. There are a lot of weird concepts and themes that are present in many online casino games, more particularly on video slots. Some examples are in some of NextGen Gaming’s offering, a top dog in terms of online casino game development.


However, they can also do something traditional, touching on more universal themes for their games. If you’re into serene backdrops and, more specifically, nature, you might like Owl Eyes. It doesn’t have a jaw-dropping aesthetic, but it uses the moonlight to its full potential, making it more visually pleasing.


Owl Eyes feature symbols that are pleasant to look at, for instance, mushrooms, feathers, plants, and even the moon! With a 96.30% RTP, the game is worth playing, and it rewards players who are eager to learn more about the game’s various offerings.




Much like other video slots that are available online, Owl Eyes plays the same. The developers, on the other hand, have done their research and have implemented several changes to spice up the gameplay. Before letting loose in the magical woodlands, you must first place a bet. The game does well on putting visual cues and graphic texts to aid the players, so there’s no need to worry about betting mistakes.


The up and down arrows are present for you to adjust and set the number of lines. Coin sizes should also be determined, which ranges from 0.01 to 2. A gamble feature is also readily available for players, represented by a symbol of “Hearts&Symbol.”


Tips on Betting


With a betting range of 0.01 to 500, you can do a lot of things in the game. It is also surprising that it offers such a flexible deal, which gives more players access to reliable and legitimate video slots.


The key is to mitigate losses and assessing every bet and winnings. You can make use of the flexible minimum and maximum betting to plan out ahead and to have a chance of winning the jackpot.


Additional Game Features


The unique features that NextGen Gaming has implemented on Owl Eyes can be disappointing for veteran casino players. Despite that, they still offer countless tools for you to use to gain an advantage. There are four essential factors that you should remember:


  1. Wild Symbol – In-game, you will encounter a symbol in the form of an owl’s eyes, hence the game title. It’s pretty easy to spot since the design emphasizes the color, which makes it glow. This one is substituting all other symbols. However, there is an exception: the Scatter (which will be discussed shortly). This symbol appears on reels starting from two, three, and four. The Wild symbols are your most significant opportunity to score a win since they are stacked on the reels.


  1. Scatter Symbol – You can quickly identify the symbol because of its full moon design. The Scatter symbol is working alongside another feature, Free Spins. To achieve this, you must first score a total of three or more Scatter symbols on a playthrough. The rewards for the free spins are increasing depending on how much symbols you get.


  1. Free Spins – Free spins are responsible for keeping new customers coming back for more. A 3 symbol score would grant you three free spins, four would give you 20, and 5 entitles you 100 free spin! The amount that is on stake will be multiplied to the total of Scatter wins.The best thing about free spins is that they can be re-triggered.


  1. Gamble  – There is an opportunity to maximize your profits once you have landed a winning combo. The gamble feature is represented by a “Hearts&Club” button, and can only be pressed when the requirements are met. Although a little bit risky, you can have the chance to double your earnings, and perhaps even escalate it to a quadruple winning.


The conditions for a double-winning is simple. You only need to choose and guess the color of the card correctly! Guessing the suit will also entitle you of quadruple winnings, but of course, there is a huge catch. If you failed to guess either the suit or the color, you would lose all your earnings so far, and you’re going back to square one.


Game Design


Owl Eyes is a well-designed video slot game and one of those that use the software’s advanced capabilities. NextGen Gaming has undoubtedly invested a lot in their game development, and it indeed shows in Owl Eyes. The sound matches along with the scenery and the backdrop are intelligently handled well.


The symbols aren’t confusing, and so far, they are a good help for gamblers, especially those that are just starting their gambling journey.




With a flexible betting range of 0.01 to 500 and an RTP of 96.30%, Owl Eyes looks completely promising. There are a total of 50 lines that is playable, which is very attractive to some hardcore gamblers out there. And although there isn’t progressive jackpot available, the game still offers good odds and possibilities to earn moderately.


Design-wise, the video slot is perfect for those who are looking for a laid back online casino gaming experience. The concept of having owls in woodlands feels magical, and it surely did a great job of encapsulating the power of nature in the right way.


The special features are also a great addition to an already gold base game. Wild and Scatter both offers more dynamic gameplay while free spins are available for people who want to keep going. The gambling feature is also perfect for you if you’re feeling lucky, or want to have some fun!


Owl Eyes isn’t a revolutionary video slot game, but it is one of the most polished products that NextGen Gaming has ever created while offering fairness above anything else.

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