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Pandamania Slot Review


Everyone’s favorite childhood memory is visiting the local zoo and seeing all the different animals that we’ve grown to love from our cartoon storybooks roam inside their little habitat. Visiting one’s favorite animal has always been a nostalgic memory; from the gentle giant elephants to the active little monkeys swinging by, the local zoo was the place to be.

Pandamania takes players on another trip to the zoo with a big fluffy Panda bear trying to make its grand escape from attentive zookeepers by landing winning combinations on the game’s reels. Players can help the Panda have a taste of freedom from the terrible zookeepers, and if lucky enough, even get the chance to have a shared portion of the Panda’s fortune out of this zoo pandemonium.


Pandamania Slot Gameplay


Pandamania is a five-reel, three-row, and 25 pay lines online slot game; to begin the quirky escape, players can immediately get the game rolling by pressing the play button found on the bottom of the game reel. Players can place their bets to a maximum of $ 50 or a minimum of $ 0.25. As the player continues playing, a random Panda bear on a bicycle rides by on the bottom of the game reels and randomly creates random Wilds.


Furthermore, the game features a lot of opportunities for players to win multipliers and free spins by landing on matching combinations with other symbols found on the game reels. These low-value symbols such as threes, fives, As, Ks, and the usual around found in other video slot games. Moreover, the multipliers can range from x2 to an x134. So, if you’re into games that rely on free spins and multipliers, then Pandamania is perfect for you!


Special Game Features


NextGen’s Pandamania has medium-frequency game features and quirky animations fitting for a basic video slot game, and takes players for a crazy day in the zoo by helping a Panda bear escape.


1.)   Wild Symbols 


The Wild symbol in this game is entirely random, and by random, we mean as a random Wild and a random feature. The Panda escapist represents the random Wild symbol in the game and appears every often on its tiny bicycle, once, twice, or thrice in the game. Landing matching combinations with the Wild symbols can also activate the two other bonus features of the game.


2.)   Scatter Symbols


Every gambler’s best friend, when it comes to slot games, is the traditional Scatter symbol. In Pandamania, the Scatter symbol is the icon that says, “Pandamania slot.” Once the player can land three or more of the Scatter symbol on any of the game’s reels, the player gets the chance to gain 10 free spins and an x2 multiplier for their winnings.


3.)   Free Spins


Free spins in this video slot game are one of the easiest and most common bonus feature players can win and you don’t even have to go through a hard time achieving and gaining one. Once the random Panda Wild symbol shows up, it can automatically activate the free spins feature, granting the player eight to ten free spins.


4.)   Pick Me Bonus


Notice the cage symbol with the “Pick Me” sign on the second, third, and fourth reels? Players get the chance to pick any of the three locks that could help break the Panda free. Moreover, players can win up to x2 to “Win all” prizes by picking between the three cages.


Game Design


Pandamania is designed with bright and colorful graphics that give the game an energetic and fun-filled vibe. The storyline of the video slot game is wacky since it’s not every day that a Panda bear would want to try to pull a couple of pranks just to escape the local zoo.

The background music that accompanies the game gives a child-like feel; it seems as if the zoo has turned into a playground for the Panda bear as it also tries to plan its escape route along with the player’s help. The designs for the symbols used in the game’s reels also coordinate with the game’s cartoon setting, with everyday items that can be found on a random day in the zoo, such as tickets, balloons, cages—except for that tied up zookeeper and the Panda on a bike. Moreover, with the game’s resolution size of 16:9, it can be playable on different digital platforms such as mobile devices, PCs, Macs, and tablets.




We could say that this was one NextGen’s earliest and most basic slot game yet; it comes off as hilarious with its unique storyline of a Panda bear wanting to escape the zoo. The player helps the Panda bear escape by continuously playing the video slot and that’s about it. It’s a simple video slot game that only has free spins and multipliers to make up for it. It’s a crazy trip to the zoo that can come off as overwhelming at first with the comical animation that’s going on but, in the long run, there’s nothing more to it but easy wins. The video slot has a 95% return to player percentage mechanism for the player to enjoy all their hard-earned winnings.

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