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Penguin city slot Review and FREE demo game!


This is a game where you can nurture your love for the flightless birds from the Southern hemisphere. In this game, you are tasked to help them escape from their tyrannical Penguin Emperor. Spin through wilds, trigger various penguin escape features, and look forward to have fun when you play this game.

Powered by Yggdrasil Gaming, you can expect nothing short of visually-stunning graphics and animations throughout the game. With symbols that will keep you excited and features that you’ll be looking forward to activating, this game has the heavy potential to be a crowd favorite.

It is just the right amount of comical, wacky, and exciting in all of its 5 reels and 243 pay lines. So are you ready and willing to embark on an escape mission with these flightless mischief-makers? The evil Penguin Emperor is hot on your tails.

If you want to learn more about this game before you commit, check out our review below.


Penguin City Slot Gameplay


Penguin City is a wacky and fun slot game that lets you work with penguins as you plot their escape from the evil grasp of their Emperor Penguin. The situation that they need to escape from: his tyrannical management in a Chinese restaurant that he owns. If that premise does not make you even a little bit curious about this game, then frankly, we’re not sure what will.

By placing in your bet from a range of 10p to £125 for every spin, you can quickly employ your wits and your luck to help these poor flightless birds out of their predicament. Of course, because you’re not doing this for purely charitable reasons, you’ll also have the opportunity to earn at every turn and spin.

In the game, you’ll be playing with symbols such as hearts, clubs, diamonds, and spades for your low-value symbols. Kitchen cleavers, fish broth pots, soy sauce bottles, noodles, and soup bowls all contribute to the comical air about the game too.

When you play, the usual controls apply such as the Coin Value +/-, Max Bet, Spin, and Autoplay. These are all the buttons you need to learn to help out your Antarctic friends escape from their Chinese captors.


Penguin City Slot Additional Game Features


You’ll also encounter a few interesting features as you advance in the game. For one, the Penguin Escape Mode feature will release a single penguin when you spin. The only catch is that this has to be done when the Penguin Emperor is not present in your reel. This gets triggered with every winning combination that involves a wild during the base game.

Penguins, rascals that they are, might also jump on the reels, When a successful escape happens, you can either get one symbol swapped on the third reel or get one sticky wild and get 2 or 4 winning spins

Finally, Penguin City also introduces the Stacked Emperor Wild feature. When this happens, a stacked will move down at every spin. This feature gets activated when The Stacked Emperor Wild appears on the 3rd reel just as the penguins are trying to escape.


Game Design


Penguin City is a cleverly developed slot game that has all the elements of a cartoon show in it. A tyrannical boss, mischief-makers, and a single goal in mind (this time to escape). When you think about it, this is actually a pretty straightforward game that simply factors in exciting new features. Story-wise, this is the sort of linear narrative that can hook the average player.

Of course, the visuals that you’d expect from a Yggdrasil Gaming production does not disappoint. The colours, the lines in these flightless fellows, and the backdrop – all of these contribute to a cohesive and beautifully created project.

If you’re particular with the soundtrack, then you’re in for a treat with comical effects and a catchy tune in the background when you play Penguin City.





If you’re on the lookout for a straightforward storyline and a great time while you’re earning, then this is a game that is definitely worth checking out. This offers medium variance that can take you to up to 1,647 times of your stake.

Although the standard features are missing (Free Spins are difficult to part with, to be honest), the game more than makes up for this in the availability of other features such as the Stacked Emperor wilds and Penguin Escape Mode feature. We also love how these new feature introductions are not hard to keep up with.

Simple, well-designed, and funny – Penguin City can keep us entertained for hours on end, and maybe it can be your go-to game too. Give it a try and reap the benefits of its amazing payout schemes that can multiply your bet up to 1,647 times!

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