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Pimped House Review


Are you looking to experience a fantastic time surrounded with rich guys to hang out with, alluring ladies, and a lot of dollar signs? Well, look no more as Play’n Go brings you the most expensive-looking slot machine game! Once again, the company brings its players with the most exciting concepts to fuse into its slot machine games, so get ready to boost your rewards while experiencing a night surrounded by infinite riches!


Pimped is a slot machine game developed and released by Play’n Go in 2015. The game shows off a glittery design that displays the swagger lifestyle of the characters shown in the symbols set in an expensive room with a wide window view of the city’s night lights. Pimped is an exciting slot machine game that will give players the most luxurious experience ever!




Pimped uses a straightforward design for its interface with controls that are easy for any player to navigate. The game plays on five reels by three rows and 10 pay lines to give players the chance to get as many winning combinations. Pimped has a betting scope which ranges from a minimum of $€ 0.01 and a maximum of $€ 100, with a Return to Player percentage of 96.51%. The game keeps close to its theme by using a 21st-century comic book cover art style for its symbols. These include the Cool Guy, another Cool Guy with Sunglasses, Sexy Girls, a diamond-studded Gold Ring, Rolled Cash, a golden Dollar Sign, a golden Knuckle Duster, and the classic 10, A, J, Q, and K symbols in a silver and gold fancy font style. The golden Dollar Sign is the Scatter symbol, which can trigger a free spin reward. The golden Knuckle Duster is the Wild symbol, which will help you get more winning combinations.


Like all five-reel slot machine games, Pimp will display 15 random symbols at a time after every spin. The goal is to get at least three of the same symbols to appear together across different reels to align with any of the 10 available pay lines to gain rewards. Furthermore, prizes will vary depending on the amount a player stakes, which means that low stakes reap lower bonuses. High stakes reap higher rewards, after all.


Additional Game Features


  • Rewards


Don’t miss out on the awesome rewards! Getting five of the following symbols will earn you rewards with a varying value: the Golden Ring and the Rolled Cash will grant you 250 coins, the Sexy Girls will earn you 400 coins, the Cool Guy will give you 500 coins, and the other Cool Guy with Sunglasses will bestow upon you 700 coins!


  • Wilds


Wild Knuckles?! In this game, the Wild symbol is represented by the golden Knuckle Duster, and its role is to help you obtain more winning combinations by substituting for all the other symbols except Scatter! Getting four of the Knuckle Duster will also award you 200 coins, and five will give out 1,000 coins!


  • Scatters


Scatter me some money! The golden Dollar Sign represents the Scatter symbol of Pimp. The Scatter symbol increases your chances of winning as they can appear outside a win line but still get registered as a win when it appears alongside winning combinations. Moreover, getting at least three Scatters will prompt free spins!


  • Free Spins


Free riches?! Yes! This game also offers free spins! Free Spins are awarded to players when they get at least three Scatter symbols on a pay line! The Free Spins feature comes as a bonus game.


  • Bonus Game


The bonus game of Pimped is called Win Spins and is triggered by at least three Scatter symbols. During this bonus game, the interface is shown to wildly rain cash before the player is awarded five free spins that are always guaranteed to win! Five is not enough? Worry not! For every Scatter symbol that appears during those free spins, two additional free spins are awarded, which could earn a player up to 20 free spins!


Game Design


Pimped is a slot machine game developed by Play’n Go in 2015. The game is set in an expensive room designed in a beige motif with an extravagant interior. The room overlooks the city lights in the night with its full window wall. The game’s design uses a 21st-century comic book cover art style to depict the theme-related interface, symbols, and background. The reels are framed with golden lines on top and below with a transparent, opaque surface so that the background can be seen through. The reels contain the symbols which are all glittery and filled with shining and shimmering gold. The logo sits above the reels, using gold and bold font that seems to pop out. Below the reels are the controls of the game, including the buttons and player status aligned along a gold chain. The controls include the buttons to increase and decrease the bet and lines, an autoplay button, and the spin button to move the reels. Alongside the buttons are the bars that show the player’s status, like the lines used, remaining balance, bets, and wins. The animation is smooth so that the reels move fluidly; this is sure to please any slot machine player!




Are you curious about the lavish lifestyle of the rich? Want to be surrounded by raining cash, shining gold, and foxy girls? Then this is the right game for you! Pimped is a slot machine game released by Play’n GO in 2015. Like all the company’s other slot machine games, Pimped incorporates an exciting theme that will lure any slot players who want to experience “the life” of the upper class.


Slot machine games have never looked so expensive! Pimped is a fun slot machine game that is sure to entertain its players as they aim to open bonuses, increase winnings, and obtain rewards!


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