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Planet of the apes slot House Review:

There’s no doubt about it, slot machines based on movies are quite popular in the online gambling world. And Planet of the Apes just about tops the lists of top movies; with a part four set to come out around 2022.

If action-packed slot games are what you are looking for, look no further. NetEnt’s Planet of the Apes online slot is just that and so much more. The first, and probably most noticeable, of many special features is the fact that this slot sports not only one, but two sets of reels. You are probably wondering how does this work? The only thing you need to know now is that these two reels mean loads of amazing prizes for you. Two sets of reels mean two types of free spins, bonus symbols, scatters, wilds and bonus features. In addition there is also a dual feature and a stacked wild.



Let’s start with the Planet of the Apes’ two sets of reels. Okay, so there are two sets of reels, but only one coin and bet display at the bottom of the screen. Does one bet apply to both reels? Does one spin apply to both sets of reels? How does this work? Here’s a simple answer.

Each reel set has five reels and three rows. The game’s 40 bet lines in total are split equally between to two sets of reels, which means that Rise and Dawn has 20 fixed bet lines each. Rise takes 1-20 and Dawn takes the remaining 20-40.

When looking at the paytable, you will immediately see that the symbols differ for each reel set. Both Rise and Dawn are represented on the paytable by their various symbols. There are also multiple extra features. Features applicable to only one set of reels are indicated as such so that there is no confusion. This might seem like a lot, as you have to look at so many symbols.

Despite the initial complicated look of Planet of the Apes, bets can be set as per normal with NetEnt slots, by simply selecting a bet level and coin value.


Additional Game Features

Planet of the Apes has so many extra features that it would be impossible to list them all here. only a few main ones will thus be listed.

A Rise Bonus Symbol landing on the first reel triggers the Rise Bonus game. This feature is actually an extra coin win for every human and ape symbol that happens to be on the reels at that specific moment.

On the other hand the Dawn Bonus feature is triggered by a Bonus Symbol landing on the last reel. During this feature all human and ape symbols are turned into the same symbol. However, the scatter cannot be transformed.

Dual Feature: Before every spin there is a possibility that the dual feature could be activated. During this feature one symbol is selected from each set of reels (cannot be the same symbol, or a wild or scatter). These are the only symbols that will appear on the reels. If at least one new symbol appears in its corresponding position the game re-spins. Symbols cannot transfer if the corresponding position is already filled. The game keeps spinning until there are no more new symbols.

There are many more special features in Planet of the Apes, including scatter wins, free spins (different for each set of reels), as well as multiple free spins.


Game Design

The first image you are faced with when opening the slot is the two side by side sets of reels. If it feels like two entirely different games, you’ve got it right. The two sets of reels differ like day and night, literally. The left side of the screen is light and bright (titled Rise), while the right side is dark (titled Dawn). Even the symbols portray this distinction with the human characters on Dawn appearing to be more aggressive and angry, than those on Rise.

While the Planet of the Apes movie series is set to release a part 4 in the near future, this Planet of the Apes slot is based on the first two movies only. Hence the titles of the two reel sets.

In the middle of the two reel sets the title of the slot appears, with half of it on the Rise side and the other half on the Dawn side.

As is the norm for slots based on movies, the highest paying symbols in this slot are characters from the movies. The colours used on the reels and as symbol borders also differ for each reel set. For example, the colour scheme for Rise is silver and gold while the colours for Dawn are dark steel and reds. This also ties in with the light vs. darkness theme.



If you are bored with regular old slots and slot features, then Planet of the Apes is for you. This exciting slot by NetEnt has 40 fixed paylines and so much more to offer. With two sets of reels, it introduces so many special features. You get double the fun (2 scatters, 2 wilds, 2 different types of free Spins, and 2 bonus games) and double the chances of hitting it big. Despite its many features and symbols and reels, Planet of the Apes is as simple to set up and play as any other slot. Simply set your bet and get spinning. Easy as pie. The slot also features an interesting feature called the double feature. This feature could have you forming winning combinations even before you’ve spun the reels. What could be better?

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