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Reactoonz review 


Do you love saving the world from crazy, funny and high-paying aliens? Then you need to try Play ‘n Go’s Reactoonz! This game is the sequel to Energoonz, and it is as good as – if not better than its predecessor.

You will love the crazy animations, the wonderful, exciting sounds and visuals in this slots game. But before you get ready to combat all the different aliens that grace this game, we would suggest that you read our review to find out what’s in store for you.


Reactoonz Gameplay

Reactoonz is not your run-of-the-mill slots machine. Everything about it is different! First of all, there are no reels. Instead, you get a 7×7 grid, where you need to match 5 or more aliens belonging to the same race to win.

The more aliens you are able to cluster together, the more you will win. These clustered aliens will be teleported away instantly. But don’t relax yet, because they will also be instantly replaced by more aliens – cascading down from above! As long as you keep forming new clusters, you will keep winning – all in one single round.

To begin this game, you first need to place your bet. Click on the left and right arrow keys on either side of the betting bar located at the bottom centre of the game screen.

Tip on Betting: This game has an RTP of 96.51% and high variance. This means that you can get big payouts from this game, but they won’t be easy to get. It would therefore be wise to adjust your bets within your budget so that you can play a larger number of spins – the longer you are able to play, the higher your chance of landing those huge wins.

Once you have placed your bet, you can click on Spin to start fighting off those funny little aliens that are trying to invade our planet.


Additional Game Features

The many additional game features in Reactoonz are what take this game from being fun to super-exciting.

  • Cascading Reels

The cascading reels are what gives this game its high-octane energy and allows you to win repeatedly from a single spin. Every time you win, you charge the Quantum Leap Meters, which, when activated, offers you all the other 5 bonus features of the game.

  • Quantum Leap Features

As you win, you will see that the Quantum Leap meters will fill up one by one. There are 5 of them you need to fill, and when you do, you will activate the following features:

  • Implosion: When this feature is activated, between 3 and 6 aliens are transformed into Wilds and the symbols adjacent to them will be destroyed.
  • Alteration: 1 random alien species on the grid will be transformed into another, Usually, the low-value aliens will be transformed, but if there are none in the grid, then a high-value alien will be transformed.
  • Demotion: All low value aliens are destroyed from the grid!
  • Incision: A Wild will land in the centre of the grid and will shoot out two intersecting diagonal lines on the grid. All the aliens in each segment will be the same.
  • Gargantoon Feature

Once you have been able to charge all 5 of the Quantum Leap Meters, you will activate the Gargantoon feature. A 3×3 Wild will be randomly added to the grid. And if you win, that Gargantoon will transform into two 2×2 Wilds. Another win will turn those two wilds into nine 1×1 Wilds.

The most exciting part about the bonus features is that you can keep charging the Quantum Leap meters and repeatedly activating these bonus features. Once you stop landing winning combinations, the meters will reset to zero.

  • Instability Feature

There is yet another twist to the game. If you get a non-winning spin during the bonus round, then the Gargantoon may randomly drop between 4 and 8 Wilds on the grid.

  • Giantoonz Feature

If 4 aliens of the same species appear on the grid in a 2×2 formation, then they merge to form a Giantoon, and your wins get a 2x multiplier.

  • Fluctuation Feature

In every spin, there will be one low-value alien that will be a fluctuating symbol. And if this symbol is part of a winning cluster, then it will leave behind two Wilds!


Game Design

Play ‘n Go has really outdone itself in this game’s design. The attention to detail can be seen everywhere in the game. The aliens are cute little cartoon creatures and it’s hard to imagine that these adorable beings are trying to invade us! But they are!

The music and sounds add to the fun of the game and the animations when you win are wonderful to watch. The blue space in the background, and the glowing creatures in the grid, along with the machines that give you the bonuses are all perfectly designed.



Play ‘n Go has created a phenomenal game in Reactoonz! The graphics and animations are superb and will keep you endlessly entertained! The gameplay is fast, and while you may have to wait on those wins, when they do come, you will be agog with excitement! You may even get lucky and snag that massive yet elusive jackpot that makes this game so attractive!

This is a truly immersive game that you will enjoy playing again and again. We highly recommend you try it out – if you haven’t already done so!

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