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Reel Steal Slot House Review:


Reel Steal is one of NetEnt’s more dated video slot games but it still remains a popular choice for those with interest in fewer paylines and bigger rewards!


The theme is a thrilling one, telling the tale of a money heist through animated graphics featured over 5 reels and 9 paylines.


The game is packed full with suspense as there are bad guys with guns, a diamond being smuggled in a suitcase and a brunette bombshell, all a part of this interactive tale designed by a forefront software developer in the iGaming industry, NetEnt.


What has kept Reel Steal a popular choice amongst slot enthusiasts is the incredible number of free spins that can easily be unlocked.


The game is rife with adventure, lucrative features and delivers an interactive gaming experience overall.




Being a classic and older development, this video slot offers you a more solid gaming experience. This comes from the moment the game loads up right up until the end of the spins.


Unlike many other slot games, Reel Steal remains active even after the page has been idle.


The theme is the first thing you will notice.

The animated+ graphics, the intense story behind the theme and then there is the user friendly interactive setup, ideal for new players or players new to this particular NetEnt gaming title.


You can adjust the levels from 1 to 10 to receive higher awards which accommodate the lack of additional features and bonus games.


With the level adjusted to the highest number and the betting on maximum, you stand to win a solid payout of 1500 coins, and that’s without unlocking the free spins.


To unlock the free spins 3 to 5 scatters need to land on the screen simultaneously.


When 5 scatters appear a multiplier of 100 credits + 25 free spins is awarded.


When 4 scatters land 15x multiplier is awarded along with and 20 free spins and finally when 3 scatters land, a 4x multiplier plus 15 free spins are gifted.


Additional Game Features


NetEnt is famous for all the additional game features that it develops in its games.


This is to create a more convenient gaming experience and allow you the luxury of focusing solely on having fun.


Reel Steal has been designed with an autoplay feature which allows you to select up to 1000 automated spins with the option to quit them at any time.


Sound options can also be adjusted. If you prefer to listen to the theme music that adds to the feeling of suspense and action, you needn’t adjust any of the additional settings.


However, if you prefer to turn the sound off after playing a number of spins, the option to do so is available.


There are no gamble features and no bonus rounds but there is the opportunity to unlock a number of free spins that delivers the opportunity to win bigger cash prizes.


There are scatters and wilds to look forward to as these unlock higher rewards, multipliers and free spins.


Game Design


The design of Reel Steal has been setup to create a movie like scene where there is a story about a robbery.


There are animated graphics, not the most modern, but these graphics tell the tale of a suspenseful scene about to play out.


The older graphics are complimented by base symbols that are frequently seen throughout gameplay and these include a safe with gold, a briefcase with a diamond, a bag of cash, a camera and film and then a symbol with a gun and passports.


Higher paying symbols are of the characters within the game, the man pointing the gun being the highest paying.


The wild symbol is the muscle car and the scatter is the bomb with the timer attached. These are the symbols you want to see in order to prolong your spins and heat up the game.


All the controls are located at the bottom of the screen for easier navigation and players will be delightfully pleased upon learning that the entire game can be adjusted to accommodate the needs and preferences of the player behind the screen.




From the moment the game loads and the vibrant music begins to play, you know you are in for a treat.


NetEnt’s Reel Steal may be one of their older creations but it is still a solid choice for those looking for a suspenseful gaming experience.


Thanks to the elegant and simple design of the game, you can easily navigate through the page to adjust sound, spins and betting options to your own gaming preference.


There is a paytable that has been designed for players looking to find out which symbols pays out the most and coin sizes that range from as little as 0.01 allows for an affordable gaming opportunity.


Multipliers and free spins create a more lucrative gaming experience and with Reel Steal being a frequent paying slot game, there is ample opportunity to unlock a winning combination.


Reel Steal is an interactive and comprehensive slot game that has been expertly designed by one of the best slot gaming software developers.

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