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Sizzling Spins House Review


Summer has finally come around with a striking heat, and what better way to spend it than by throwing some good old barbeque sessions with the homies! Don’t you miss the grillery action and the scent of burnt coal cooking up some hearty meal? Well, we sure do! Play’n GO introduces a new and exciting video slot game that spices up the gaming reels into a full-blown barbeque session with Sizzling Grills. This slot game is sure to satisfy not only your appetite but also your game face on, as you grill different pieces of food such as corn, chicken wings, shrimps, and a lot more to earn winning rewards and multipliers.


Sizzling Spins brings in a brand new flavor of spicy slot machine mechanism fresh from the barbeque grill. Cook up enough hot winning combinations from different ingredients that grant players fresh from the grill, flaming hot meals — or, in this case, flaming hot bonuses. Whip up an amount of luck on your side and the game reels are going to serve up a Hot Reel bonus feature along with the spicy pinch of free spins bonuses from the Chili Spins feature.




Sizzling Spins is a five-reel, four-row online food slot game with 243 ways to win; the scorching smoke from the cooked barbeque grill in the backyard greets the player along with the lovely sunny day of the summer. To start cooking, players must place their bet through pressing the Max Bet button, which allows them to adjust the player’s stake. They can place their maximum bet of $ 100 or a low baller of $ 0.20 if they please. Additionally, there are new coin options located on the griller’s settings below, allowing the player to choose a certain set amount of their preferred bet. One of your homies probably wanted to add something cooked but not too burnt in the menu, with the help of Foil Blockers as the game’s Wild symbol and the Chili Scatter that represent high-value symbols in the game.


You’re sure to cook up a fantastic stack of bonuses and multipliers. With so much food on the grill, I bet you’re wondering which of these munchies to chow down first? Deliciously grilled meats such as ribs and sausages give players coin rewards that range up to $ 80 to $ 400, while the fresh, healthy veggies can win players up from $ 16 to $ 32. The Sizzling Spins also has a unique feature called Hot Reel, which activates after landing Scatters on a flamed up reel a multiplier, and Chili Spins for free spins


Tips on Betting


Sizzling Spins takes cooking into a whole new level. Take advantage of the game’s bonus features and you might feel the same level of cooking and gambling skills than Gordon Ramsay. If you’re a high-risk roller, then try going all out on the bet, especially once the Hot Reel feature activates, this gives the player multipliers that could give them big rewards.


Special Game Features 


Play’n GO’s Sizzling Spins has fantastic high-quality game features and animations designed to satisfy not only ones’ appetite but a whole gameplay experience.


  • Wild Symbols


According to the cooking book, wrapping your food with tin foil creates moisture that doesn’t lead to burning the food. The foil blockers represent the game’s Wild symbol and landing on three of these symbols grants players of three coin rewards and turn two or three reels into stacked Wilds.


  • Scatter Symbols


Is it just us, or is hit getting hot in here? Nah, it’s just the game’s Scatter, which is the blazing hot chili pepper. Landing three chili peppers can activate the unique bonus feature “Chili Spins.” Granting players a spicy amount of free spins that range from two to 12 turns.


  • Multipliers


The different pieces of food found on the grill each have their value. Scrumptious meat goods represent high-value symbols while the fresh veggies represent lower-value symbols. Landing the perfect recipe of combos can grant the players bonus multipliers that range from double to a x12 found on the griller’s heat setting.


  • Hot Reel


Once the player lands a Wild symbol of the foil blocker on a heated reel, the bonus feature Hot Reel activates. Food pieces cooked on this reel line turn into high prize coin rewards and also triggers another bonus feature, which is the Chili Spins.


  • Chili Spins


Time to add some spice in your barbeque! The game’s red hot chili peppers activate a unique free spins feature. Once the player lands at least one Chili Scatter on the unique Hot Reel feature, the game randomly triggers the Chili Spins that gives the player a chance to win two to 12 free spins.


Game Design 


It’s a sunny summer day out in this game, time to set up the family griller, keep the fire going, and gather the homies in this fantastic food-themed slot machine game. Displayed on the heated griller is an array of barbeque meals ready for you to get a munch on. The game’s background music accompanies the game’s lax theme with its soft rock instrumentals that the players will have a great time cooking up some winning combinations as they play along. At the same time, the animation and graphics in Sizzling Spins are flexing high-quality that transports players into the game’s chill and smokey vibe. The game features two bonus rounds that may look like the basic bonus features of a slot machine game. Furthermore, with the game’s resolution size of 16:9, it can be playable on different digital platforms such as mobile devices, PCs, Macs, and tablets.




Play’n GO comes up with its best and original concepts for their new slot machines and Sizzling Spins ultimately met our expectations. Sizzling Spins is a fantastic and exciting new slot game for people who are not only fond of having their appetites satisfied but also ready to grill up some hard-earned winnings. The video slot has a 96.4% return to player percentage mechanism for the player to enjoy all their hard-earned rewards.

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