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Spin and Win House Review 


Turn the wheels of luck, strategize, and gamble in Play’n GO’s progressive video slot game, Spin and Win! Uncover fruity treats and visually appealing hues with little to no effort that is ideal for beginners!


Concepts involving spinning the wheel in hopes of receiving fortune is already considered overdone in video slots. However, Play’n GO is known for breaking the gambling boundaries as they have been in the industry for long.


There are three reels and a total of five lines in this classic game. The screen is littered with several treats, symbols represented by fruits, bells, and an attractive girl who acts as the mascot.


Aside from publishing many groundbreaking titles, Play’n GO is also famous for its excellent work in their progressive slots. They offer something new, intriguing features that push players to their limits.




As mentioned earlier, the entirety of Spin and Win revolves around the concept of a TV show. The graphics do all the work with more than enough text to guide players with the next step. Instantly, you will be greeted by a gorgeous lady just beside the giant reels. Dazzling lights projecting different shades adds up to the hype as well.


With enough credit on your account, you can enter and play the game using the betting feature, which allows you to select an amount from 0.10 to 10. After locking in your wager, the only thing left is to hope that luck is by your side.


Your primary goal is to match three to five symbols on the pay line. The system will read the results from left to right and are also instantaneous, yet still retains the suspense element that most video slots have.


Tips on Betting


Bonus games and features are the highlights of Spin and Win. These assets are your best chances to gain advantages. If you’re just starting out, it is better to use the minimum betting amount to get a feel on how the game works. Focus on landing multiple symbols and don’t hesitate to take risks.


Additional Game Features


There are a ton of symbols present in Spin and Win and memorizing them in one sitting is almost impossible. The same goes for the features since the developers have loaded the software with a ton of them. However, there’s no need for you to get intimidated since we have a section dedicated to educating you with the essentials.


  • Host Bonus – The stunning beauty that acts as the host is also an in-game symbol. If, by any chance, you got three of those, an event will be triggered and the screen will experience a bit of shift to show you a couple of presents. While it can take some time, the only thing you need to do is to wait and select what box suits you the most.


  • Bonus Wheel – The lack of Wild symbols is evident but, at least, Scatters are still here! The event will only activate if you match a total of three bonus wheels on the reels. As the name implies, you will get an opportunity to spin a surprise wheel! The best thing about this event is that a prize is guaranteed. The wheel is composed of different colors, and each one corresponds with a bonus. Once color is selected, the game will automatically mark the spot with an “X.” If you landed on the same color again, the bonus sequence would end.


  • Progressive Jackpot – Gold rings are waiting for you, and matching either three, four, or five of them on the pay line will grant you another event. For three golden rings, you will be presented with the bronze wheel, where you will be given a chance to win the following: tasty jackpot, cash prize, and a chance to have a promotion to the silver wheel. Four golden rings give you access to the silver wheel, which consists of tasty & luxury jackpots, cash prizes, and a chance to have a promotion to the golden wheel. If you have the best luck and match a total of five golden rings, you will gain a luxurious jackpot.


  • Gamble – Spin and Win’s Gamble feature isn’t different from most video slots. Once you have entered this sequence, you’ll either double your prize or lose everything.

Game Design


Spin and Win is an eye-candy. Not all software looks this polished and sleek. Even if it seems like the budget is substantial on the development side, it is surprising that the gameplay is also on par with the best video slots of the decade.


Perhaps the symbols have helped elevate the quality of the title and, if our predictions are right, it’ll continue holding up in terms of gambling standards for five more years.


The clever use of jackpots, bonus rounds, and triggered events makes Spin and Win on Play’n GO’s crowning glory.




Spin and Win is an excellent choice for gamblers looking for colorful and eventful gambling software. With steady support, you can expect this title to blow up and receive more content soon. The betting range is by far the apparent reason why people choose this game over the other. 0.10 seems like a small amount, but it can be utilized correctly with the right strategy.


The 96.1% RTP is also a testament that it has been trusted by many players worldwide.


The choice to load the game with a ton of features is also a correct call, making Spin and Win stand out among its competitors.


In conclusion, Spin and Win should be your first choice when on the lookout for a game with an aesthetically pleasing design, coupled with generous yet daring gameplay.

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