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Spin Party Game House Review


Fasten your seat belts and hold on tight because Spin Party is taking you to the clubhouse for the party of your life! If you are that shy and awkward girl or the guy at the corner who wants to party all night but is introverted, that’s not a problem. Go feel the thrill of dancing and partying without leaving your seat. Play‘n GO has your back with their slot game to satisfy your party needs.

Spin Party positions itself at the center of the clubhouse setting. If you have never been to a classic retro party before, this game will provide the experience for you. It’s pretty traditional with a modern touch as well. You get to party while rewarding yourself too with exciting prizes on the dance floor – and by that, we mean the reels. You have a lot to look out for with this slot, beginning with the impressive return to the player level of 96.3%. That’s not the only remarkable feature of this game. Its gameplay, exclusive bonuses, and game design will awe players everywhere.


Curious enough? Read on!




Spin Party is played on a five-reel slot with ten pay-lines. You start by placing your bets on these lines. The minimum bet starts at $0.10 until the maximum bet of $100. The coin value for this game ranges from 0.01 to 2.00.


The primary color motif of the reels is purple, which is accompanied by colorful graphics. The symbols on the reels are quite traditional with fruit themes such as cherries, lemons, bars, bells, and your classic 7s icons.


Prizes and bonuses reveal itself with letters and numbers which offer up to 150 coins. The cherries will pay up to 50 coins while the lemons will give you 375 coins. The symbols portrayed by the bells will pay 500 coins for you while the bars and 7s will grant players 750 and 1,500 coins, respectively. The sexy dancers are also something to look forward to, as they can extend the entire reel. Other than that, they can even entertain you and cheer you on as you progress in the game.


Apart from being available on desktop sites and devices, this game can also be played on mobile phones such as Android, iPhone, and iPad. You will find that the game’s controls are easy enough to use. There’s also an Autoplay option so you can play even if you’re doing other things.


Additional Game Features


While regular slots have free spins, Spin Party has win spins. In this corner, we will elaborate on special features consisting of significant prize advantages for players.


  • Extended Wilds and RespinsOnce you see the female silhouettes dancing on the reels, that’s your Wild. The Wild symbol goes by the image of the female dancers. The emblem will expand – covering the entire reels. They can also replace all the other symbols. They can either trigger an extra respin or a sticky Wild. Notably, each Wild can become a sticky Wild for a chance of a respin. When you get two of the symbols dancing together, they will give you five win spins. Every Wild will be locked as a sticky symbol during one or three or more turns. Each Wild that will be added will activate an extra win spin, limiting until 20. However, these Wilds will only show up at reels two, three, and four.


  • Win Spins The wild dancers activate them. When you get a third Wild to accompany your other two Wilds, you can get an extra respin with all three of them. Likewise, landing four or five of them will give you the same benefit if you let them fall on all ten pay-lines. Landing a Wild symbol on the screen will further award you with a winning spin.


This slot game arguably is not the same as those of the others from Play’n GO. The Win Spin is uniquely built just for this slot to fit its name. The win spins are pretty advantageous in its approach.


Game Design


This game is designed to let the rhythm dictate you to take risks and play your best. The club where the game takes place gives off retro energy with its design. The graphics are fairly standard for a slot game. The animations depicting dancing female silhouettes are hilariously exciting as they attempt to reward you with sexy moves when you progress. This design is mainly a brilliant move for the game developers as it adds to the game’s spice and interest. This might, however, become more appealing to male players than female. However, it does not mean that this game actually discriminates based on gender. In fact, dancing females beckon all audiences to come and play this game.


The soundtrack is relatively standard too. The music shows the kind of background feel that is mostly played on Discos. With that said, this game is also strangely reminiscent of that classic disco party. You have your reels for the company on the dance floor. The classic fruit themes are also present like cocktail drinks waiting to reward you with drunken pleasures.




To wrap up this review, the only thing that can be said is to party on! Dance all day and all night alongside the exciting reward and prizes that are available to everyone. You have to pay a minimum bet, but the standard requirement is worth it due to the 96.3% RTP that this game offers. Dancing girls, win spins, Wilds? This game has it all.

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