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Sweet Alchemy Slot House Review


Increase the sugar rush with Sweet Alchemy! You will satisfy your sweet tooth with Sweet Alchemy, Play ‘n GO’s video slot game released in 2017. If you’re familiar with the ever-famous mobile game, Candy Crush, you will enjoy this Play’n GO game. Befriend the powerful female alchemist who possesses the Elixir of Life as you increase your sugar rush level. Be gratified by the sweet treats that this game comes in handy! Enjoy all the unique features in glucose perfection!




Sweet Alchemy is presented on a 5×5 grid with one payline during the base game. Before you click the ‘Spin’ button to move the reel, place your bets first by clicking the ‘Quick Betting Panel’ where you can adjust your bets from 0.10 to 100. Once the wheel spins, wish for at least four matching clusters as the reels cascade into their rightful places. This will, in turn, melt all the matching symbols, allowing new sweet symbols to fall with hopes of creating more tasty combinations.


This game is indeed alluring for it presents varieties of sweets and cute items! There are four high-paying symbols: star, nut, heart, and pastille. Meanwhile, low-paying symbols are represented by a doughnut, bean, cube, and cone. Sweet Alchemy is a medium volatile slot with 96.5% RTP. Aside from the interesting and engaging concept of the game, given this information, the players will find it more interesting.


It promotes a twist by introducing lots of special features—or better be called Sweet Features. By maintaining a consecutive combination, you upsurge the Sugar Rush meter level with similar levels attached to it. Once you reach a certain number of symbols, you get to relish these sweet features.


  • Six matching symbols – Two symbols will be transformed into standard Wilds.


  • 13 matching symbols – Two symbols will be altered to the uniquely distinct “striped Wild” symbols present in Sweet Alchemy. This will wipe out all candies that are present within the same column or row.


  • 25 matching symbols – Two symbols will be reconstructed into “sprinkled Wild” symbols. This will remove one Candy and its particular type in the grid.


  • 38 matching symbols – There will be a free “Mix-the-Elixir” round.


You can also get a chance to unlock the Bonus Round that will transfer you to a 9×9 grid called the Mix-the-Elixir round. Your objective is to collect clusters involving two required special symbols. Worry not, the alchemist will conjure three Candy spells to help you reach the goal.


The game set three levels for the players. As you level up, the meter level rises as well. The higher the scale, the greater the rewards you can get from the Elixir of Power bonus. In this feature, chocolate tiles will appear where you get to pick to unleash magic elixirs. Certain level during the free spins has its corresponding benefits, increasing your stake. If you manage to reach level three, you will be rewarded a 10x multiplier.


Moreover, it gets exciting with the Map feature. A map will appear on the screen after the bonus round. It is advanced and has another set of goals represented by treasure chests.


Special Features


  • Mixed Candy – The candies in the grid will shuffle.


  • Sweet Surprise – Random Wild candies between 7-12 will be scattered in the grid.


  • Sugar Bombs – Random standard candies between 7-15 can be eliminated, allowing new symbols to cascade.


  • Map Feature – A map will occur on your screen once you complete the Elixir of Power bonus feature. The map gradually moves you forward once an accomplishment of the element is made. In the map, treasure chests will be dispersed everywhere every after three levels with better rewards awaiting.


Game Design


The interface itself looks so delicious! The candies are mouth-watering in the bubblegum pink pantone. Sweet Alchemy depicts a magical and fun game from the main character of the game to the tiniest details. The overall design of the game is appealing. Each sweet treat is highly detailed, making it look realistic and mouth-watering. The animation is smooth and enhanced; it is well-developed from the cascading candies to various transitions. It’s effortless to navigate. Moreover, the sound devices completed the whole gaming experience. The soundtrack of the game fits the theme very well, harboring a melodic and kind of upbeat feeling while playing the game.


While it can be considered a complicated game provided all the features, Play ‘n GO managed to pull it off. The game is set in a 19:6 resolution—beautiful interface guaranteed. This game is available to play on both desktop and mobile phones. There is an application in PlayStore ready to download.




Some say it’s inspired by Candy Crush, but Sweet Alchemy offers a twist from the typical slot game with this theme. It is deemed lucrative and addictive because it goes beyond the usual match-the-symbols by offering more bonuses and free rounds. The additional features might take some time to understand but, as you continue to play, it gets easier and more engaging. This game introduces three features: bonus rounds, Mix-the-Elixir round, and the Map feature. All three of these features will boost your sugar rush level even more. With 96.5% RTP, players can fully enjoy the game guilt and pressure-free.


Surely players will relish this game not just for its concept and features but also for the improved graphics. You will not get bored playing this game, provided all the inclusions. Playing this will give you the feeling of a kid so excited for candies and accomplishing the dream of becoming a genius alchemist with a talent for magic.

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