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Swipe and roll slot house review


The mastery of NetEnt’s talents has once again been made obvious when the gaming developer brand released Swipe and Roll slot. This is one creation that deserves a play, especially if you are looking for something different.

From the theme to the bonus rounds to the very point where you are required to swipe up or down to get those reels rolling, there is just so much to take in and it is obvious why NetEnt has chosen this as one of its top slots.

The feel-good theme can be enjoyed over 20 paylines and 5 reels and while there is much to appreciate in the base game, there is a world of possibility when the bonus feature has been triggered. Find out why so many people are saying that this is one game that should definitely be in every corner diner that there is.




The game starts up with the doors of a diner. You are given a virtual indication of what to expect during gameplay when you load the game up. From there you are transported to a new screen where your game is eagerly awaiting you. The machine is colorful and the music is light. This makes for easy gameplay as there are no distractions.

Everything is self-explanatory and the game interacts smoothly to commands such as spins and max bet.

There are 2 wild features in the game, the first a regular wild and the second a 3x Wild. The latter awards up to 2x multiplier with each win, and the first replaces all other symbols apart from the scatter.

During extended gameplay, you may come across another feature that is a welcomed one. The Wild Re-Spins feature is triggered when 3 of the Wild symbols (either one of the two wilds or a combination of them) appears simultaneously. When this happens a re-spin is immediately triggered.

The Coin Wheel feature is where you want to be! This is what has given meaning to the title of the game. Swipe and Roll offer this feature to deliver 3 bonus prizes and this is where you are required to choose a reel and swipe it so that it can show you what you are about to win. This happens for all three reels, on your demand, and once the round is over, you are gifted with the combined coin win amount.


Additional Game Features


Swipe and Roll slot comes with some handy functionality that changes the way you play. For example, you can easily locate the spins button at the bottom of the page. From there you will see the additional functionality located on either side of the spins button. Here is a bet max button, adjustable coin sizes, and information button and a setting function.

The setting button allows you to change the audio. You can adjust the volume or put it on or off. The information tab is there to give you a paytable with all the symbols, the values and the bonus features. It is ideal for players wanting to better understand the game before placing a bet.

NetEnt has also implemented its ‘Level’ stage, allowing you to go to higher levels for bigger wins but also costs more as you progress through the levels.

Everything you need to know about the game can be found on the paytable and all the additional functionality is easily accessible and doesn’t require you to understand the inner workings of online slots gaming.


Game Design


As the opens its doors, quite literally, you are greeted by what appears to be the inside of the diner. This is what the background looks like and the game itself appears to be a slot machine nestled in the warm and rocking diner. The colors are combinations of oranges, metallic and other warm hues.

What really stands out the most is that Swipe and Roll appears to be a slot machine that represents the same images of that as a classic fruity slot. Rather than 3 reels though there are 5 and these reels sport animated images of the fruit. There are a few other features that set Swipe and Roll apart from the classic fruity slots and these include symbols with modern functionality. One of the symbols you will find in this gaming design is the scatter which unlocks the bonus round.




Swipe and Roll were delightfully different. You feel as if you have more control and are more involved in the game by being able to swipe the reels to reveal the coin wins.

The light and atmospheric theme is ideal as this fruity slot seems it was born in a diner.

For those with an appreciation for modern slots but also enjoys a slightly fruity theme, Swipe and Roll is a refreshing and ideal option for you. Thanks to the multiple functionalities of the game and all the possible win features that are sported over 3 rows, 5 reels and 20 paylines, there seems to be ample opportunity for anyone looking for a quick payout.

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