Tales of Darkness: Break of Dawn

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Tales of Darkness: Break of Dawn House Review


The supernatural is always fascinating, which is why Novomatic launched the third iteration of its Tales of Darkness video slot series with Break of Dawn. As can be expected, the theme of the game is vampire, with 5 reels in four rows with a 95% RTP in 50 paylines. It is mobile-optimized, so players can choose to play it on desktop or any mobile device. Break of Dawn spin wagers range from 0.50 to 50 credits.

Break of Dawn continues the saga of the first two games in the series: Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon. It tells of the love story of the voluptuous Vampire Queen in Lunar Eclipse and the fierce Werewolf in Full Moon, and how their adventures carry the player through the game.

The Setup

The background of the game is a cemetery, which not only sets the mood of the game, but serves up some exciting bonuses along the way. There are no cute mushrooms in this game.

The game uses a combination of the gothic-style cards and symbols on the pay table, as is standard in many Novomatic slot games. There are six alphanumeric cards, and matching 9, 10, J, or Q in a payline can multiply the player’s wager by as much as 40. Matching K and A symbols ups that slightly by multiplying the wager by 50.

There are also three different candlelit chandeliers hung on trees around the cemetery that light up the reels. When any of these appear on the reels, it can increase the payout for the wager by up to a multiple of 75. If a black horse with a golden bridle that the lovers use for transportation gallops across the reels, the multiplier can go up to up to 150.

Special symbols on the Break of Dawn are pay table include two wilds: the bodacious Lady Vampire and the good-looking Werewolf Man. When they appear on the reels, they can take the place of any regular symbol save for the scatter symbol, which is two bats and a full moon and the highest-paying one in the game.




While this is ostensibly a love story, the real play in this game is to catch the Lady Vampire and Werewolf Man in the reels, preferably together. The free games feature triggers when they appear, together or singly,and they appear if the reels show at least three scatter symbols in a spin. Aside from triggering the appearance of the lovers and free games, scatters can also multiply the payout for a wager. Four scatters can multiply it by 5, while a five-scatter combo multiplies it by 20.

Triggering the free game feature initially gives the player 15 free games, but that is not the end of the line. For one thing, it is retrigerrable, so it is possible to compound the number of free fames. The matrix also morphs to doubles the number of lines while the feature is in play. With the Moving Wild Reels aspect of the free game feature, wild symbols might also make an appearance to increase the chances of winning combos.

When the lovers appear together or separately on the middle reel, the player gets two extra free spins. The wild symbol/s move to the right (for the Werewolf Man) or the left (for the Lady Vampire) in the next spin, and one more space in the next one before finally moving out of the matrix. This can happen every time the lovers appear, singly or together. A lucky player can ride for a long time on these free spins if the wild symbols keep popping up.  The free spins provide players with an exciting number of chances to get winning combos for a big payout.




Compared to the other iterations of the Tales of Darkness video slots, Break of Dawn has just the right number of bonuses for a sweet run. The base game comes with 50 paylines and wilds that have a habit of popping up quite regularly.

The medium volatility of the game makes it just unpredictable enough to be exciting without damping enthusiasm through a run of dull spins, unlike high-volatility games where players can wait a long time to win anything.  A player might go through about a 100 spins before triggering the free game feature, but the expanded matrix does make up for much of the previously unsatisfying experience, especially if you get the lovers together in that third reel.  The music and sound effects are also uplifting when a player hits the right  cards, and that is always nice.

The entertainment and win potential for Break of Dawn confides largely on the free spins. The payouts are also great, but the chances of winning anything without losing big are all about the free spins.

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