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Triple Chance Hi-Lo Game House Review


Standard video slot games will give you three to five reels wherein you’ll spin them until you land on winning combinations and jackpots. Pretty easy. However, they are also, at times, redundant. Although they provide unique features and rich concepts for each different game, it can be a bit excessive. If you agree with this notion, you don’t have to worry. As a firm developer of excellent video slot games, Play’n Go has your preferred game brought just for you.


Triple Chance Hi-Lo is a video slot odds game that allows you to predict whether the next number from each spin of the reel is higher or lower than the number on display. At first glance, it is a little like a bonus feature of a regular slot game machine. Nevertheless, its rewards will give you a run for your money, much like your favorite ordinary slot game out there. Offering up to 96% return to player lead, this is a perfect diversion of your complicated spinning reels.


This review will speed you up on the game’s design and simple gameplay. Read on to further perk your interest.




There are three reels available in this game – three ways to win, to be exact, with numbers one to 13 to choose from. You start the game with betting from between $0.5 minimum bet to $5 the maximum wager and press the betting option. Going into the main game, you decide which of the three reels you would like to play first; then you select the higher or lower options represented by the HI and LO buttons for each of the three reels located on the right side of the reels, to choose the correct number. This move will activate the next spin. The spinning of reels is still involved, but it is not too complicated and does not contain any symbols on it as well. Everything is basically just numbered here for you.


When your selection of number is correct, the amount of your win will be calculated to your wager, which will, in turn, be utilized for your next turn. Above each of the reels, you see little boxes that display the possible rewards or returns for each selection you make. If you bet on unexpected outcomes, the higher your rewards once it reveals to be successful.


There are times when the numbers displayed on the reels are one or 13. When that happens, you can only either choose a higher or a lower amount, respectively. You can also choose to either end or continue the game once you make a successful spin. However, you are also given the liberty to press the ‘shuffle’ button to lend you a hand. The complete columns overhead the options will enable a reshuffling of the reels if you like to give it all to chance. Each successful spin will add another level to a ‘shuffle’ line.


You have to note that each reel moves independently from each other. However, it is possible that they can reveal the same amount or number at the same turn. It is viable that the same number can also be produced as a game of chance even for a different spin or number of tries.

There is a simple premise for this game, and the mechanics are not too complicated for your taste. You will find its controls and interface easy to navigate also. The game’s resolution is at 16:9, available on any device such as desktop: Mac and Windows, and mobile: iPhone, iPad, and Android.


Game Design


Concerning the graphics, even as a simple game, Play ‘n GO did not spare any change for its development. Albeit plain and straightforward, it is also elegant in its graphic design. The plain blue background of the reels envelops the whole of the screen. As a calming color, it provides due consideration to the needed concentration of players. It is also quite inviting with its lined patterns running in the background. It is a bright and fresh color that does not disrupt or intrude but, instead, it helps players keep a level head throughout the game.


The animations are also quite well-kept in its design. The choice buttons stylized with ‘LO’ and ‘HI’ have a yellow-orange glow, which turns grey whenever one or 13 is one the reels. There is also a flash of entertainment in its composition. The soundtrack is even more beautiful, with a standard tone and effects fitting for that of a casino game. Having a simple and understandable premise with no other setting, this game is quite lovable in its design.




Take a little rest from spinning those lovely, complicated reels with complex mechanics. Triple Chance Hi-Lo is true to its name when it says it gives three ways of winning with three reels in the game and high and low number choices for a chance at the reward coins waiting for you. It has an understandable interface with natural aims as a video slot. With a stunningly easy way to victory, playing this should not be too hard for you. This game requires precision and instincts in dealing with numbers. Are you lucky enough to win in an odds-based game? Well, you are about to find out.


If you want to take a short break from regular slot games, you have to play it. At some point, maybe the short break may become a little long vacation.

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