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Troll Hunters Game House Review


Fiction in television, books, and imaginative games has helped shape the premise of all other media out there. They influence the story behind popular culture beliefs and practices, especially among fandoms. To deviate from the harsh reality of the world, we turn to fiction to find a place of solace where we can be heroes and villains at the same time. This invention allows you to build your best life.


Play’n GO has brought fiction to a whole new level in this video slot game. If you have watched Game of Thrones and played a few Dungeons and Dragons (or at least heard about it), Troll Hunters will be up for your taste. This game will transport you into a desolate land where the sturdy-looking characters live in the mountains whose sole purpose in life is to hunt trolls. The characters are reminiscent of Vikings and Norsemen in the Scandinavian mountains savagely wrecking their enemies. They are your fierce companions for this slot. However, this game does not only promise you action. It also promises a one of a kind set of prizes waiting for your victory.


Not only that, but it also gives you a 96.73% return to the player advantage. With its brilliant action-filled premise, read on as this review breaks down the essential gameplay, special features, and game design suited for your taste.




This game boasts a 5×5 reel grid with only one pay-line. You can place the bets by selecting from $ 0.20 to $ 100. Rather than matching the reels and aiming for win lines, you need to line up at least three or more symbols at any place on the grid in lines. The symbols explode after they are lined up while the other symbols fall, which can sometimes make novel wins when they land.


The symbols you will encounter are bones with meat wrapped around it, skull cups, and three women warriors. You will get rewarded not just for finding three or more identical symbols horizontally, but vertically as well. Since there are no conventional win lines, all you have to worry about is the choice of the amount of wager for each spin.


The blonde warrior can give you five times your total spin if you can collect five of them. The red-haired warrior lady and the elfish guy can also give you a fair amount of rewards. Other symbols like earrings, skulls, and bone meat will also give you some, albeit for a smaller amount. The Wild symbols are also convenient in giving you excellent rewards.


When the symbols blow up, the multipliers increase and resets the next spin by multiplying it 1x. Wild symbols also help in increasing them when a win is successful. Wins can get multiplied by three to five times for each turn. If you can clear the whole grid for one spin, you can acquire a multiplier of 200x your wager.


This video slot has a fair control system, together with an understandable interface for easy navigation. You will be able to access it on desktop and mobile devices such as Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPad – with a 16:9 video game resolution.


Additional Game Features


The game’s 5×5 reel grid is not the only unique feature of this slot. It also boasts various exclusive in-game bonuses to up your chances.


  • Wild – This symbol is represented by the three golden triangles linked together. It appears at the center of three or more winning symbols. They can serve as a substitute for all the other symbols on the reels. If you land five of them in a line, you can acquire a 100x multiplier in your total wager.
  • Scatter – All of the symbols in the slot serve as Scatter symbols during the bonus round. It will reward you after you can land five or more of them. Upon getting 10 of even one of the symbols, you will be rewarded with 100x your total stake.
  • Free Spins – This feature is triggered upon the reveal of the ‘Bonus’ word. Five or more of the same symbols will be able to create a winning combination.
  • Multiplier – You’ll be rewarded with generous multipliers by getting several wins on a single spin.
  • Bonus Feature – Here, you are given ten start-off spins that can be re-activated by acquiring five or more of the troll characters, up to 20 times.


Game Design


The graphics design for this slot is nothing short of a Play’n GO excellence. The animation is superbly developed to create an impressive Viking-like atmosphere. The background also fits the setting and premise – which is located in an isolated, cold mountain with caves that hoard trolls and their treasures. The Viking characters are located on the right side of the reels. When the bonus game starts, the whole environment also changes, and the troll replaces the characters on the screen. They are white-out, and they are frosted. Instead of spinning, they are animated to seem like they are landing, quite literally.


The soundtrack is excellent for its composition. There is an accompanying jingle with a series of occasional sound effects to impress a particular feel.




Troll Hunters is an extraordinary creative video slot from Play’n GO that is rich in story and adventure. It is equipped with a unique 5×5 reel grid running on one pay-line. It boasts exciting prizes and unique features that are not only exciting but enjoyable as well.

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