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Tut’s Twister Slot Review and FREE Demo game


Tut Twister is not the first Egyptian-themed slot game from Yggdrasil Gaming, and it certainly will not be the last. But what sets this game apart from all the other games in Yggdrasil’s game library? Here, we get to meet the young pharaoh Tutankhamun. Rich, powerful, and scorned – he has now risen from the depths of his tomb to wreak havoc on the land. So what’s an online player like you to do when this happens? Why, humour him, of course, and play his slots game with 5 reels and 25 play lines.


Encounter dark Egyptian curses, wild twisters, and sandstorms as you delve into the realm of this young pharaoh. He might be angry, but he can be generous too – it’s up to you to play your cards right. Discover more about this exciting new world deep in the sands of Egypt. We’ve prepared this review to introduce you to this mystique land.




King Tut’s back from the dead and he’s set on wreaking havoc. As you attempt to stop him in his tracks and get access to his treasures. Along the way, you’ll be playing with ancient Egyptian symbols such as the low value cards (the spade, diamond, heart, and club). There will also be four ancient hieroglyphics such as rings, scrolls, Horus pendants, and lots of jewelry. As you move forward in the game, you’ll encounter king Tut himself as a wild symbol too.


If you’re raring to go on this expedition, then place your bets ahead. Your objective is to find the vast treasures hidden among the reels. The usual game controls apply such as the Coin Value +/- that lets you adjust your betting range.


Additional Game Features


When it comes to finding Tut’s hidden treasures, there are no freebies in store for you in the tomb. However, the young pharaoh does have a few surprises and features that you might enjoy.


You’ll encounter the Twister feature here when you land on 2 or more wilds. When this gets activated, you can respin with walking wilds. If you’re lucky, the leftmost reel with wilds can quickly turn into a sandstorm twister. All wilds will be sucked into this and you can be awarded with yet another respin.


When you land on just 1 wild after you spin, then you will be rewarded with an extra wild, a Hieroglyph, and Tut’s Twister. This can get you anywhere from 25 to 2500 coins or nothing. This is called the Mysterious Win feature.


If, on the other hand, you’ve managed to fill a reel with 3 and 5 hieroglyphs, you will trigger a Twister Collection Feature. With this, you’ll get an extra wild for every item in your collected hieroglyphs.


Game Design


With excellent visuals that translate well into just about any devices, Yggdrasil Gaming has undoubtedly given us yet another slot game that we can get lost in for hours. After all, we all love a good Egyptian-themed game, and Yggdrasil Gaming seems to agree with us in this sentiment.


Our only beef, however, is with the low value cards. We feel as if using card symbols is just too common and lacks a certain pull to them. With that said, the developers could have added more exciting symbols that we’ll be excited to see on our screens.


Still, all the symbols and the background used in Tut’s Twister, the colour palette continues to be on-point and visually stunning. Not to mention, the subdued soundtrack makes it easy for us to focus on the surprises that Tut sends our way.




Tut’s Twister has certainly introduced some changes to the traditional slot game that you may be familiar with. But before you turn your back on this seemingly complicated new game, why don’t you give it a try first. Once you start spinning those reels, you might realise that the game is actually straightforward and fun.



Of course, the fact that there are little to no freebies throughout the game might also throw you off. However, it does give you some rather generous respins and increasing multipliers.


As for the storyline, we’re certainly geeking out over the characterisations and symbols (except for the cards symbols, of course). King Tut had been one of Egypt’s tragic pharaohs, and it was said that he had placed a curse in humanity. Following this premise, Tut’s Twister was created and it’s the type of gaming narrative that we want.


Our final word: don’t be hung up on the lack of free spins because the game certainly offers an exciting new twist to it. With 97% RTP, this certainly is a game that can be worth your time and attention.

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