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Valley of the Gods Slot


Yggdrasil Gaming’s Valley of the Gods takes you back to ancient Egypt through this medium variance game. It gives you 5 reels and 5 rows, which leads up to 3,125 possibilities.


Mesmerising, exciting, and generous – the Valley of Gods is a game that befits that of ancient Egypt’s view of their gods, In all of its thematic design and even its striking audio, all of the elements in this slots game evokes such vivid imagery and even reverential gratitude whenever we chance upon winning.


You can travel back to ancient Egypt and take a piece of all its treasures through the Valley of the Gods with the use of any device.

Want to know how to play and earn the favor of ancient Egyptian gods in this game? We’ve prepared this review for you – let’s get started.




We love nothing more than a well-researched and thematically accurate slots game, and Valley of the Gods definitely fits this category perfectly. All of the elements included in this game aren’t just blind presumptions of what ancient Egyptian symbols are like. Instead, it gives us a rich set of symbols that are rife with meaning. From reels that with hieroglyphs, to Anubis (their god of the dead), to a symbol depicting Baster their cat goddess, to Horus, and down to their famed Pharaoh Tutankhamen – this game has all the elements that would woo even the most discerning of ancient Egyptian scholar.


To play this game, you first need to decide on your initial bet and deposit it accordingly. Once you have done so, the gods will favor you with a free spin for luck as well as yo give you a feel of the game.


Typical control buttons can be found in the game. This includes the Auto Play button, the Spin button, and others.  You can play up to a non-progressive jackpot that is 1,500 times your stake. Horus and Anubis appear to grant the players with re-spins and multipliers.


Additional Game Features


In an adequate depiction of ancient Egyptian gods, the Valley of the Gods game offers multiple features that can give players the best possible returns for their initial bets.


First of all, the game is equipped with the Re-Spin feature that rewards you with the destruction of various scrabs throughout the reels. This gets triggered whenever you come across a winning combination. When triggered consecutively, you can reach up to 3,125 chances to hit the jackpot! Ancient incantations can also activate the Scarab Collections if you manage to completely clean the whole board.


The Extra Lives feature is granted at every 5 scarab that you collect. The game prompts you to lose a life whenever you don’t get a winning spin, making this feature an indispensable one. Your Extra Lives feature can also be doubled with the Win Multiplier feature. So far, we’ve come across a maximum of 6x multipliers.


Game Design


The Valley of Gods has been designed for multiple devices – laptops, smartphones, you name it. In all of its views, the design has still managed to translate well. Even the animations are still as impressive on any device. This alone is a testament to how well-designed the game is.


Of course, in terms of colour and vibrancy, Yggdrasil Gaming’s developers still do not disappoint. Despite the muted tones reminiscent of the sands of Egypt, the vivid colours of the symbols still stand out. More than the looks, the game comes with a superb soundtrack too.


To be honest, when it comes to digital designing, this isn’t exactly one of Yggdrasil Gaming’s best outputs. But what it does lack in graphics, it more than makes up for in meaningful symbolism and a well-researched premise.




Although seemingly difficult at the start, players can easily get into a rhythm once they start spinning those reels in Valley of the Gods is quite simple once you spin those reels. The objective is quite simple and there are so many options. With just a few hours of idle play, it’s actually easy to get back and even multiply your original stake.


Overall, this is a meticulously-researched game set on a well-designed backdrop. Although some of the spins can be frustrating, it does equip the player with so many features. Patience can get you a long way when playing this game, so be sure to give it a few rounds before you can reap the rewards.


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