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Vikings Go to Hell Slot review


Vikings Go to Hell is the third in a trilogy of 3 Vikings-themed slots games released by Yggdrasil Gaming. In this game, the intrepid Vikings face their toughest challenge yet – defeating the Lord of Hell, Lucifir. But before you jump in to do battle, you must understand all the nuances of this game!


Vikings go to hell Gameplay


Vikings Go to Hell has a 96.1% RTP but a massive 89% volatility. This means that getting those big wins is as hard as battling the king of hell himself. But if you do manage to win.


The minimum and maximum bets are 10p and £125. This is an extremely high volatility game, so the best strategy to adopt to help increase your chances of winning is to keep a safe budget that can be split into at least 50 spins per sitting.


Vikings go to hell screen


Once you have set your bet, you can click on the spin button to begin the game.


Additional Game Features


While the base game is quite straightforward, the additional game features that make this game so high-octane need to be understood clearly. So, here’s what you need to know about these bonus features:


  • Demon Fights Re-Spin

You need to land 2 scatters (the Free Spin symbols) on the reel. If you do so, then the Vikings present on the reels will fight demons. When a Viking wins, he turns into a sticky Wild and you get awarded a re-spin. The Vikings that win also get awarded rage points.


  • Wilds

There are two types of Wilds – the normal Wilds that can substitute all other symbols except for the scatters, and the Sticky Wilds, which do the same job, but also stick to the reels after a win. All Wilds in the Free Spins rounds are sticky.


  • Treasure Chests

The Treasure Chest will only appear on the 5th reel, and it holds the following treasures:

  • Epic Tablet: The Epic Tablet contains 12 to 16 Free Spins. However, you will not be awarded this prize if you already landed 2 Free Spins in that spin. You can also win 30 Rage Points for all your Vikings and even 600 to 1200 coins.
  • Good Tablet: You are awarded 7 Free Spins, but if you have already landed 2 Scatters in this round, then you will not get this reward. You can also win 30 Rage Points for 1 Viking. And the third reward you can get is 150 to 300 coins.


  • 3 Levels of Free Spin

There are 3 different levels of Free Spin bonuses in this game.


  • Level 1 Free Spin: To activate this Free Spin mode, you need to land at least 3 Scatters, or win a Free Spin from the Treasure Chest. In this mode, all the Vikings one the reels will have to fight a demon. If they win, their symbol will be turned into a sticky Wild. None of the Free Spin modes give you Scatters.


When the Level 1 Free Spin finishes, the Lord of Chains will appear – if there is at least one Viking on the reels. He will then challenge a random Viking. You need 3 hits to defeat the Lord of Chains. If you are able to defeat the Lord of Chains, win more sticky Wilds and also get the pass to the second level of Free Spins.


Berzerk Mode Free Spins


There are 4 Vikings in the game, and each has a Rage Meter that needs to be filled by Rage Points. You can win rage point by defeating demons, Licifir or the Lord of Chains, and in the Instant Win Treasure Chests. A big plus is that the first Viking will be given 50 Rage Points when you first play the game.


Once a Viking’s Rage Meter is filled to 100, you win seven Level 1 Free Spins and activate the Berzerk Mode. In this mode, the Viking will always win against the demon he or she fights.


  • Level 2 Free Spin: When you enter the Level 2 mode, all the sticky Wilds you have accumulated from Level 1 are reset and you are awarded 7 free spins. However, if a Viking has achieved Berzerk mode in Level 1, he will continue in this mode even in this level.


  • Lucifir: He will only appear at the end of Level 2, when there is at least one Viking left on the reels. You need to hit Lucifir 3 times to defeat him. If you do, you are awarded 1 sticky Wild, and all Vikings on the reels turn Wild for the rest of the free spins left. And get a 3x multiplier for all subsequent wins.


Vikings go to hell Game Design


This is one slots game that is a sensory overload from the word go. You have this breath-taking introduction, and then the game that follows is imbued with dramatic music full of booming drums and battle cries, and animations and graphics that are just out of this world. And of course, the gameplay is exciting to the extreme.


Slot Review Summary


At first glance, this game looks quite complicated, but once you get used to it, you will realise that this 5-reel, 25-payline slots game with 3 spin modes, free re-spins, sticky wilds, as well as those lovely instant win treasure chests!

This is a game that has been designed with care, and it offers one of the most exciting slots gameplays in the market. So, go ahead and see if you can defeat evil Lucifir!

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