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Warlords: crystals of power slot House Review:


Warlords: Crystals of power is a 5 reel and 30 payline video slot brought to you by NetEnt. The game is inspired by tales of old, medieval warriors and their princesses, and horrifyingly epic battles they partook in. The game also has a mystical theme that is alluded to with some of the symbols and graphics used.


Where bravery meets chance, Warlords: Crystals of Power is definitely not for the faint-hearted or the unsure among you. If you are not a fan of era-themed games then not to fret, the game itself is not so deeply steeped in the theme that you have to be an expert on medieval wars to understand and play it.


Warlords crystals of power slot review


It has features that will have you scoring wins as big as your courage, excitement that will have you on the edge of your seat for hours and spoils of war that will be beyond your wildest dreams.


Warlords: crystals of power slot Gameplay


For a game with such impressive graphics it loads quite quickly. It does take one or two minutes longer than the average video slot but it is so worth the wait!


If the game is taking longer than 6 minutes to load, ensure that you have a very strong internet connection and enough space on the device you are choosing to play on. Once the game has successfully loaded it’s time to begin. First things first, all warriors have to know what they are willing to lose in order to be victorious in the end, it is time to place your bet.


At the bottom of the page you will find a control panel. The option on the extreme left is “coin value” and what this allows you to do is choose your coin denomination.


The denomination ranges from 0.01 to 1.00. Once you have chosen your desired nomination you now need to choose your level which can be located on the extreme right of the control panel. This option allows you to choose how many coins you bet on each payline. There are ten levels to choose from.


Once you have chosen your coin denomination and your level all that is left to do is spin the reels by clicking on the large round button at the centre of the control panel.


Additional Game Features


There is an autoplay option that can be used to play this game. In order to access it, players need to navigate to the bottom of the game and click on the word “auto”. A menu will pop up that will allow you to set the autoplay according to your personal preference. While autoplay is a great feature, this game boasts so many special features that you will just be dying to give them a try.


The wilds symbol is represented by what looks like a golden halo encrusted with three gems (which look like they represent elements). The wild symbol can substitute for any symbol except for a scatter symbol. Interestingly enough this game has three different kinds of wild overlay symbols.


You can either get the barbarian hammer, the priestess or the samurai sword. Once these wilds are activated it creates an overlay in different shapes.


There are three scatter symbols available: the barbarian who is blue, the priestess who is green and the samurai which is red. Whichever scatter symbol you land determines which free spins game you will play. The three options are final chance, re-spins and battle. Each of these games has their own separate sets of rules.


Game Design 


The graphics used on this game are nothing short of impressive. From the first glance you get, it is sure to entice and excite you. The drawings that are done of the Barbarian, The Priest and The Samurai are so detailed and intricate that it is hard not to feel that the characters are alive and the battles are real.


Another unique feature of this game is the absence of background music accompanying game play but in this case it does more good than harm as it creates a very tense and serious atmosphere while you are choosing your bet and spinning the reels.


The colours used on the characters are very vivid and create a stark contrast with the background that the reels are placed in front of. The background shows a battlefield in varying shades of grey that spell doom and gloom.


The layout of the game is not complex nor is it something that players of NetEnt video slots will be unfamiliar with as the main options are placed on the control panel and there is a tiny “i” symbol on the right that explains the special features of the game in a very comprehensive and detailed way.




To conclude, Warlords: Crystals of power is a very entertaining and visually pleasing game that promises hours and hours of intense and exciting game play for those brave enough to venture. The Features in this game are so theme-orientated that you get an idea of what each character in the game’s war strategy would be like.


The graphics are breath-takingly detailed and beautiful, with great use of colours that allude to the warlords coming from different regions of the world.


The symbols used in the game are intricately drawn and very theme-specific. If you are the sort of gamer who prefers for a game’s theme to run all the way through then this one will certainly delight you and if you are the sort of gamer that always wants to emerge victorious then the features in this game will certainly entice and excite you!

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