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Wild Melon Slot Review


Slot machines have existed since the year 1894. Therefore, it is no surprise for this little bad boy (Wild melon slot) to bask in the glory of classic and retro splendor—a quality most valued by people living in the modern era.


Vintage, you see, has become the new black. This coin-operated gaming machine has taken many forms thenceforth (usually the addition of more reels and the enticing offer of free spins), with the advent of technology bringing the experience directly to you through accessible online platforms.


The sheer joy of getting the same symbols to line up in one straight dial makes this game a particular hit for people who want to have a good time. A feeling as incomparable usually overtakes those who win big at this game.


Lady luck should be on your side first, as this game would wear you out no sooner than you winning. Mind you, simple as this game may sound; it’s capable of unleashing the beast within you—why, after countless tries, the promise of a win remains unseen still!


The Wild Melon by Play’n GO ensures that even the most novice players get to experience the retro magic of the famed classic slot machines. With its vibrant and fruity theme, players are kept on their toes looking out for the ‘hurrah moment,’ that is, when the same fruit symbols line up in a single file.


With a solid 93.72% return to player rate, the odds for little wins are kept to a minimum. The succeeding sections will be a run-through on the gameplay and game design of the Wild Melon.


Wild melon slot Gameplay


The Wild Melon is a retro-themed slot machine that uses only three reels and one pay line—a deviation from the usual 5×3 formula offered by the Play’n GO software—with the pay line going directly through the middle of the slot. The game itself crows a straightforward interface that is both friendly and ideal for anyone just getting into online slot machines.


An option of placing up to 3 coins on the pay line is given to the players on the onset. The coin values range from 0.5 to 5, respectively. When the maximum of 3 coins is bet per pay line, the paytable shows that the fixed jackpot also rises to a staggering 10, 000 coins.


Moreover, the winning combination is acquired when three Wild Melons (yes, the melon themselves! Quite fitting for the title no?) show up on the reels.


The slot’s Autoplay feature can also be utilized to spin the slot several times while simultaneously collecting any result winnings. The Wild Melon is effortlessly essential this way.


Ten thousand coins are constituted to be the jackpot—an endgame most appreciated by anyone who has invested in the game.


Additional Game Features


While relatively basic, the Wild Melon offers an in-game bonus that helps spice up your gaming experience.

  • Melon Symbol – This symbol is a Wild and Scatter hallmark that replaces all other symbols and accounts for a winning combination even on the lines above and below the pay line.


Game Design


The Wild Melon, true to its promise, maintains the retro and classic theme that people seem to love immensely. Not only are players transported to a time where slot machines are considered the pinnacle of easy-go-lucky behavior, but also made to taste game machinations of a century prior.


Old fashioned and manageable it may seem; it serves its purpose well of being a ‘go-to’ for people just getting into online games in general. Not only will their primary skills be honed for other more complex slot machine games, but it also ensures a fun experience for anyone curious enough to try.


The graphics of the game are rudimentary at best. It does not, however, impede your gaming experience in any way. The colors are catchy and refreshing, with the red and green dominating the entire screen. The game’s logo appears on the top, with the paytable just a little bit to the right.


The aforementioned is done to ensure that anyone playing can immediately take note of the sizes of prizes won, and the reels comfortably occupy the left. The easiness to the eyes is worth noting; the accessibility adds to a more delightful gaming experience.


special features


The special features are made easier to spot, cutting anyone who plays, the additional slack of trying to maneuver the game as a whole (which can be quite taxing if you’re a beginner). There isn’t much to the overall appearance of the game and there is little to no complex rules employed.


The sonic aspect of the game does a great job in heightening the adrenaline rush that is purported by the spinning of the reels (albeit it being outdated). The yearning for a straight same-symbol sequence becomes so intense that one can’t help but feel queasy inside. Your gut feeling becomes more potent than ever—it just isn’t possible for you not to land a jackpot.


Wild melon slot  Summary


Overall, the Wild Melon is a delightful and engaging game fit for anyone looking for absolute simplicity. However, its lack of free spins and bonus games might not endear it to anyone trying the first time.


Playing the free mode is a great way to start the entire experience minus the fear of losing real money. While there are many slot machine games more complex than Wild Melon, the game still garners a following for its smooth gameplay.


If it’s a fun time you’re looking for on the internet, well, Wild Melon might fancy you on that score.

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