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1 Can 2 Can Slot Review


Right off the bat, NextGen Gaming presents us with clever wordplay. 1 Can 2 Can slot name is a bit unusual, and it truly is! Mainly, the goal of the name is to establish a connection to its theme, where it features a toucan as the main mascot. It might be a ridiculous attempt to be unique, but it is well-appreciated.


Fancy traveling into the tropics? Or maybe you want to taste and see delicious fruits? You can’t do any tasting here, but 1 Can 2 Cancan bring you to the tropics and give you a pleasant sight of various tropical fruits. NextGen Gaming has an extensive catalog of nature-themed video slots, yet 1 Can 2 Can seems to stand out because of its colorful vibe.


The game features two birds, both of which are toucans that are also seemingly generous if you score some winnings. Two branches are used as a design option as it supports the reels. It’s visually pleasing and offers excellent odds for different players.




Betting is an easy task in this game, and before you start playing, you must decide on the amount that you are willing to wager. 0.01 is the minimum bet that you can do and is a good option for players who want to test the waters. If you’re feeling lucky, they are also allowing players to bet up to a maximum of 625.


Players can bet by using the up and down arrow and also move from left to right to adjust the number of lines. You also need to set up the sizes of the coins which are available from 0.02 to 4.


1 Can 2 Can also allow it’s players to turn on the Autoplay feature, which is a handy one if you’re trying to play multiple times. The gameplay is not comparable to others as NextGen Gaming seems to have tried and experimented on this selection. You’ll see more of its uniqueness in the additional features section.


1 can 2 can slots review


1 can 2 can slot Tips 


You can try and start betting low, and if you see that you are winning, you can try and increase your wager little by little. 1 Can 2 Can isn’t different from other video slots as strategies are usable to win the game, but you need to think through it to receive positive results.


A gamble feature is also available for use to increase your winnings if you’re starting to get lucky. It might be a risky feature, but when played right, you can expect to see better results.


Additional Game Features


Different features are added inside the game to spice up the gameplay; Wild, Scatter, Free Spins, Gamble, and Mobile-play. All of which contributes to making the playthrough of gamblers a lot unique and better.


  1. Wild – The Wild symbol is almost present in any video slots that it has seemed to occur in the gambling industry naturally. However, 1 Can 2 Can need it the most. The symbol is visible as a “WILD” text only represents it. The mechanics of the Wild symbol is simple, as it can change to any available tokens, excluding the Scatter. It is an essential feature needed for players to maximize their luck without risking too much.


  1. Scatter – You can identify a Scatter symbol because of its unique design, trees! Scatter symbols are crucial for players who are looking to multiply their bets. This feature also coincides with another one in this section, which is the free spin. If you have luckily got three or more Scatters, you can enter and use the free spins.


  1. Free Spins – You can use up to 10 free spins if you have met the requirements on the previous feature. There’s nothing special that the game offers up to this point, as there are no multipliers available. But luckily, the toucans seem to be helpful. They are generous enough to give you Wild symbols to aid your next playthrough, and perhaps a reward for landing and getting free spins. Aside from Wild symbols, the toucans may also help you out by dropping Scatter symbols randomly.


  1. Gamble– A winning combo can bring you more luck if you desire to win even more! A “Hearts&Club” button is available to press if you want to enter the gambling feature.It would help if you were careful as winning isn’t always guaranteed. The premise is simple; first, you need to select a color, and if you guess it correctly, you can double your winnings easily! The suit also plays a significant role as it can award you quadruple winnings, but you need first to guess it correctly. Failing to think the correct selections would result in winning losses, so be careful out there!


  1. Mobile-play – Mobile users may enjoy 1 Can 2 Can at the comfort of their homes, cafes, and even on public transportation! Nothing needs to say more about this feature, but portability allows it to be more accessible to many users.


Game Design


With five reels and 25-pay lines, this NextGen Gaming offering doesn’t disappoint. Even veteran gamblers approve of this one. The tropical design is more than visually pleasing, but it also impacts the gameplay at some point. Using the toucans as the primary mascots are too smart, and using them as bonus providers even escalates that point.




For a game with 95.25% RTP, 1 Can 2 Can is underrated. It might not be a revolutionary title, but the developers have used many efforts to make an impressive game. It also has a release date of almost six years ago, but it still holds up until today.


Nothing is much more needed to be said on the design as it is arguably top-notch, and using the tropics as the theme helps to catch the heart of many gamblers. It has 25 lines and five reels, which is typical for any video slots. The features are impressive and are needed by the game to compete with the other options in the market.


1 Can 2 Can is more than just a fun video slot game, as it also brilliantly delivers what it promises to its users.

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