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Aloha Slot Review and FREE Demo Game


If you are the sort of player that would visit a casino during your summer vacation, then Aloha! Cluster Pays is a must-try for you.


The game’s design is a fun, colourful and airy than most, making it a refreshing and relaxing gaming experience.


This online slot machine maximises the amount that you could win by working off of cluster pairs.


While some might be sceptical about this, it is nothing to be apprehensive about as there are built-in features to this game that even the odds out considerably.


It affords players the unusual experience of being relaxed and completely thrilled and excited all at the click of a button.


The game also boasts some pretty impressive graphics coupled with authentic Hawaiian themed music that ties into the theme and the symbols used in this game.




Gameplay with Aloha!  Cluster Pays is quite straightforward and simple – once you understand the special features of this game! In order to place your bet, you first have to decide how much you are willing to bet.


If you look at the bottom of the screen there is a panel with a large circle in the centre. On either side of the circle you will see two tabs named Coin and Level.


To choose a betting amount, move your mouse over the coin button and either increase or decrease the value until you are satisfied.


For the option that says levels, you are then choosing the number of coins that you want to bet on each line. The centre button with the arrows sets the roll in motion.


For those who are looking for a more advanced or perhaps easier way to play, you can simply select max bet, which will allocate the highest bet allowed to the coins and click the auto-play button, which will turn the reels for a designated amount of times.


In order to win a prize in this game you need to match cluster symbols with each other. When you get nine or more cluster symbols you are awarded with a prize.


Additional Game Features


Aloha! Cluster Pays has a range of features. While most slot games have either one or two of the features listed below, Aloha!


Cluster Pays has the entire range which attracts many players.


The more features available, the more likely it is that you will score big on a game after all.


The way that Aloha! Cluster Pays is designed is that even the slot itself has the feature of matching clusters by what is horizontally or even vertically adjacent to it.


Question Mark Crate is the substitution symbol used in this game that turns into the best possible adjacent cluster to ensure that you get the highest odds possible.


This substitute symbol can turn into any other symbol besides the free spin symbol and can appear at any location on the reels. A random Cluster win can activate the other feature of the game called sticky wins.


Whichever cluster wins will then stick and remained fixed while everything else will shift.


There is also a free spins option that will kick in if you score three free spins anywhere on the reels, even if it is partially.


This is not a once- off feature either as it can be retriggered and the number of free spins that you receive will be dependent on how many symbols you got when it kicked in.


There is Mechanic symbol drop that will eliminate the symbols that are not likely to win and you will be granted free spins until you win once.


Game Design


The game design is quite cartoon-like, light, airy and very tropical-themed. The symbols that are used in the game are ancient Hawaiian symbols as well as all things that a player might associate with a tropical get-away.


The music that accompanies the game stays true to the theme and adds a different dimension, almost transporting you to the beautiful world-renowned destination.


The graphics used in the game are very impressive. It is not as realistic as you might see on other games but this is perhaps what sets this game apart.


The images that are depicted on the game are crisp and clear drawings, making use of primary colours that are very stimulating and attractive.


Overall the developers did a great job with this design by doing something simple and a little more traditional, but doing it extremely well.


 The control panel is hard to miss, the font is appropriately legible and it is really a breeze to play. Big thumbs up for the graphics, the sound, the controls and just the general feel that playing this game provides the player.




To conclude, the graphics, the features and the possibilities that come from this game are impressive. At a first glance it might be easy to misjudge just how lucky you can get while playing it.


Aloha! Cluster Pays is a good example of a good slots feature.


It’s a definite must-try for anyone who wants to experience something a little different from the norm and would like to be transported to a distant land while trying to score big with online gaming.


If you are someone who likes to venture out and you have a curious spirit then the numerous features offered by the game and the slot itself make for interesting play and even more exciting prospects, this one is for you!

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