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American Roulette Game Review

American Roulette by Section 8 is one of the most realistic online roulette tables to date. It will transport you right into a five-star casino where you will be hanging with the high rollers (or that is what it feels like anyway). Everything from the voice of the croupier (male or female) to the colour of the roulette table is customisable. This will make anyone feel right at home, which is just what you want when playing online games.


The game is very simple in the sense that everything you need is right in front of you.

On the roulette table you will find your chips and all you need to do is place your bets. The only tough decision you will need to make is where you want to set your betting limit. Once this is done the real fun begins.




As with offline roulette playing, the player has complete control over the game. The game allows players to choose from three different betting limits.

The first has a minimum of 1.00 and a maximum of 300.00. The second has a minimum of 1.00 and a maximum of 1000.00. The third has a minimum of 5.00 and a maximum of 2,000.00.

Before the player places their bets, the settings need to be changed (if you wish) and saved. Only then will your chips appear on the table and the spin button on the screen.


Everything you need to start placing bets is on the table. In order to place a bet you need to select your chip(s). On the table you have the option of chips worth 1, 5, 25, or 100.

Simply click on the appropriate chip and then click on the place on the table where you want to place the bet.

Your chip will then appear on the table and the area where you have placed your bet will light up so there is no confusion.

If you happened to have placed a bet incorrectly, no worries, you can simply clear your last bet or all of your bets if you wish.


Additional Features


American Roulette does have an autoplay option. Once you have placed your bet, you can choose how many autoplays you want.

This means that your bet will stay the same for the number of autoplays you have selected.

You can just sit back and watch the wins roll in. The autoplay option can also be stopped at any time during the game, if you wish to change your bet.


Game Design


The game design is quite simple- On the opening screen you will find your roulette table.

In fact, it seems as though you are physically in a casino the default table on this screen will be green, with the red and black blocks.

However, players have the option of changing the table colour to blue, black or red. The setup is very realistic looking.

It is almost like you have an aerial view from the inside of a very fancy casino with royal blue carpets.


On the top right hand corner of the screen you will find a settings button, which not only gives you access to settings, but also the paytable.

Here, you can choose from a set of three betting limits. This can be changed during any stage of the game.

You also have the option of enabling or disabling the background music. Another personalised setting is the option of choosing whether or not you want the voice of the dealer to be male or female.

All in all the design of the game is very customizable, which makes for a much personalised experience. Players are sure to feel like they are in a casino of their choice.




If you are looking for a online roulette game that will enable you to feels as though you are sitting at a physical casino roulette table, then look no further.

You have the option of customising the table to suit your personal preferences, which only increases the real casino feeling. The game is so simple yet exciting at the same time, which is quite a fine balance to strike.


Whether you are a regular player or beginner, this game will suit you. You can play for free to sharpen your skills and as soon as you are confident enough you can up the stakes and play for real money.

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