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Bingo Billions Video Slots Review


Bingo-themed video slots are a joy to play for many because of all the possibilities it offers. One that shines among the rest is Bingo Billions, NextGen’s cross-platform casino game offering released back in 2015. Although a bit awkward, the main mascot is pretty fun sometimes! However, some people might find him overwhelming because of his actions and responses to every player’s result.


One of Bingo Billion’s most striking features is its interface. It’s straightforward, but it has enough elements to entertain even those familiar with video slots. Some might even get a game show vibes that the game indeed radiates. It is because of the design approach that the developers have chosen. Some areas require improvement, as gameplay can be somehow affected by the fidelity of the on-display icons.


Nevertheless, Bingo Billions boasts an RTP of 95.04%, an average amount that most gamblers would be happy to play. Despite being a non-progressive slot, Bingo Billions still offers different gameplay switch-ups with plenty of special features, which you will encounter in this review. Without further ado, let’s jump into the rest of it!


Bingo Billions  Gameplay


NextGen gaming has been pretty generous with this creation – with five reels and 25 pay lines. Bingo Billions has many Lotto symbols. Almost anyone who has played a game or two of any video slots will quickly become familiar with the theme, making the gameplay a lot more comfortable. Before commencing, a player must first indicate a wager. To adjust the number of pay lines, a set of arrows is conveniently present on the interface. If a player wishes to use all the pay lines, a “Max Lines” button can be used to hasten the selection process. Once the pay lines are decided, a player should select a coin size. It can also be easily adjusted through the coin arrows. Coin sizes range from 0.01 to 2.


Players are welcome to bet a minimum amount of 0.25, all the way up to 50. With an autoplay feature, anyone who is willing to invest some time on the game can go idle and return later to see the results and collect exciting rewards, if they are lucky!


Special Features


A video slot is arguably better that has unique features intact. They unlock other strategies that players may use to approach the game intelligently. With a total of five special features, the theme and design flaws can be easily overlooked.


  • Wild


The wild, unique feature is almost eternally present in any digital casino game. In the case of Bingo Billions, it is represented by the mascot or the host. Its purpose is simple; it can replace any symbol present in the game, except only the scatter symbol.


  • Scatter


Right off the bat, the logo of Bingo Billions greets you. With its simple and colorful design, it can be quickly ingrained in one’s memory. That said, it is almost impossible to forget the scatter symbol as it shares the same look with the Bingo Billions logo. The scatter symbol interacts with the next unique feature.


  • Free Spins


This one is pretty self-explanatory, but how you get or trigger them indeed requires an explanation. Free spins can only happen once scatter symbols line up in either 3s, 4s, or 5s. The number of spins can scale from 10, 15, and 20, depending on the number of scatter symbols matched.


  • Gamble


Despite being a risky choice, the gamble is present to multiply potential winnings. During a mini-game, a correct guess of a card color, the bet will be multiplied by two immediately. A right suit choice could also mean that the winnings of a player will be multiplied by 4!


Game Design


Bingo Billions isn’t the fanciest in terms of design, as it looks somewhat outdated compared to other video slots. In other words, the graphics, animation, and overall design concept are average. However, the bingo theme might just have saved the game’s entire concept. WIth playful symbols, the developers have added different personalities to the game to make it unique and breath on its own.


Players, however, may be annoyed by the host because of his loudness and unwanted extraness. Almost all video slots require a mascot or a host to accompany a player. Understandably, creating one is worth a lot of effort, as players have varying preferences. While NextGen didn’t drop the ball in this case, it is evident that the mascot host has a lot of room for improvement. Though it is worth noting that NextGen is aiming for a game show feel. To emulate that feeling, they added a hit-or-miss character that can be easily forgotten. Despite lacking in the artistic department, Bingo Billions’ music is rather fitting to the theme. With audio cues that quickly tell you what’s happening inside the game.


Bingo Billions is a solid title to play with its many features and flawless gameplay experience if you don’t value a game’s graphics and animation that much.




NextGen is known for publishing many good titles; Gorilla Go Wild, 1 Can 2 Can, and who can forget about Ramesses Riches? However, with Bingo Billions, the quality isn’t in no way superb, but obviously, NextGen could have done better. It’s on the “okay” spectrum of video slots, and it’s not bad either. Those that are fans of the bingo-theme genre of video slots will have a lot of fun playing this game.


In conclusion, Bingo Billions is best to play if you have gained enough knowledge about video slots. Beginners shouldn’t hop into the game as the interface can be quickly confusing at times, not to mention the varying amount of symbols present on each spin. However, if you’re willing to invest time, effort, and resources, Bingo Billions is a worthwhile experience.

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